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15493: 2018.03.13 - Tax Law Changes in Drake

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1040 Estimated Tax Adjustments Screen - Now Available

In Drake Tax 2017, the Estimated Tax Adjustments (ETA) screen has been updated in the Individual (1040) tax package to reflect new tax law changes. After installing program updates, the ETA screen is accessible on the Taxes tab in the 1040 Data Entry Menu.   

Disaster Relief Addendum to the Drake Tax User's Manual

The 2017 Drake Tax User's Manual has been updated to include information about recent legislation providing disaster relief to affected taxpayers and how these changes are implemented in Drake Tax. Drake users may choose to either:

  • Add to your existing copy of 2017 Drake Tax User's Manual by downloading or printing only the Disaster Relief Addendum
  • Replace your existing copy of Drake Tax 2017 User's Manual by downloading or printing the updated version of Drake Tax 2017 User's Manual

NOTE: The 2017 Drake Tax Supplemental Manuals are also available for the Partnership, Corporation, S Corporation, Fiduciary, Estates, and Charities tax packages (1065, 1120, 1120S, 1041, 706, and 990).

Use one of the following methods to download or print Drake Tax User's Manuals, Supplemental Manuals, and other resources: 

  • Online - at > Sign in to Support > Training Tools > Manuals
  • Software - In the Toolbar of the Drake Tax Home window > Support > Drake Software Manual and Online Resources > 2017 > Manuals

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