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15580: 94x - Generate and e-File (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: How do I generate and e-file a 94x series tax return? 


Payroll tax returns are current tax year calculations of the client's tax liabilities based on payroll generated in Drake Accounting®. Use the 20YY Drake Accounting® program to generate 20YY 94x series tax returns.

To generate 94x tax returns “on the fly” (without having to set up employees or enter payroll information), see Related Links below. 

When Drake Accounting® is set up to e-file 94x series tax returns, saving the return generates the e-file and a printable copy for your records. If Drake Accounting® is not set up to e-file 94x series tax returns, only the printable copy is generated. To set up a client for 94x e-filing, setup must be complete on Firm > Firm Information Setup and Client > Edit > e-File Options.

Watch the Setting up 94X e-Filing and e-filing 94X Returns videos for a demonstration of the detailed steps below.

To produce a 94x tax return:
  1. Go to Employees > Federal Forms.
  2. With Forms 94x selected as the Form Type, select the desired 94x tax return from the Form drop list.
  3. Use the Source drop list to select to use either tax deposit information or payroll information. Select Tax Deposits if tax deposit information has been entered into Drake Accounting® for the entire period covered by the 94x return and you wish to bring that information into the return. Select Payroll if tax deposit information wasn’t entered for the period or is incomplete for the period. If Payroll is selected, you will need to enter deposit information onto the form.
  4. Use the Quarter drop list to select the quarter that the 94x tax return is for, if applicable.
  • Schedule B of the 941 and 941-SS tax returns displays when the Deposit Frequency is set to Semi-Weekly but prints only when the Total Taxes After Adjustments for the quarter is at least $2,500. To force printing of Schedule B when the Total Taxes After Adjustments amount is less than $2,500, select Print Sch B if return is less than $2,500 in the Print Options section when producing the 941 tax return.
  • Override Calculated Data — Drake Accounting® displays 94x returns with both calculated and non-calculated data fields. Select this option to allow you to overwrite both types of data fields. When this check box is cleared, calculated fields are grayed out.
  1. Once all selections have been made, the return is displayed. Use the page tabs at the top left of the displayed form to navigate to the various pages of the return. Use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to zoom in and out.
  2. Select the preparer of the return from the Preparer’s Name drop list of the Paid preparer’s use only section of the return (if appropriate). Preparers display in the list once they’ve been entered in Firm > User Setup > Preparer Information tab.
  3. All fields that are not calculated fields (greyed out) can be edited. Verify the information and edit as needed.
  4. Click Save/Print to save and display the return in PDF format. Then click the printer icon to print the return. If you do not wish to print the return at this time, click Save instead. If you wish to print the return at a later date, you can locate the return under Tools > Review Reports

Transmitting to IRS:

Once the tax return is saved, it can be transmitted to the IRS by going to e‑Filings > 94x > Transmit 94x Forms, selecting the type of 94x tax return to transmit, then selecting the specific return. Only the 94x tax returns that are approved for e-filing are listed. 

  • The IRS uses the amount on the Balance Due line of 94x tax returns when debiting the bank accounts specified for making electronic payments for these returns. If using Drake Accounting®’s online payment feature, it is very important to verify the Balance Due amount on the 94x tax return prior to e-filing the return. See the online payment tab under Client > Edit > Online Payment for information on setting up this feature. 

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