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15749: Vacation Hours on the Pay Stub (DAS)


Drake Accounting®How do I get vacation hours to show on employee’s pay stubs?

Beginning in DAS21, go to Financial > Check & Stub Options.  On the Payroll tab, select Print Vacation/Sick/Holiday Time on Stub or Print Vacation/Sick Balance on Stub.  Click Save at the top right of the window to save changes.


In DAS20, you must first set up a new check design for each client under Employees > Check Designer. Then go to Employees > Check Print > Check Setup and select the option(s) Print Vacation / Sick / Holiday Time on Stub and/or Print Vacation / Sick Balance on Stub. Click Save to implement your changes. 

In DAS19 and prior, go to Setup > Check & Stub Options. Under the Payroll Stub tab select Print Vacation / Sick / Holiday Time on Stub and/or Print Vacation / Sick Balance on StubClick Save at the top right of the window to save changes.

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