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15778: 1040 - State Signature and Declaration Forms

State Returns Generally

Which states require a signature form, and which accept the Federal 8879?

While some states use the Federal 8879 for E-File with individual returns, some states have their own E-File Authorization form. Below is a listing of each of the states that have their own signature form, as well as if the specific state uses the Federal 8879 in addition to signing the return itself. For further information and instruction, see the individual state instructions for each specific state. 

State  EF Signature Form EF Declaration Form State Instructions 
AL-8453 AL 40 Instructions 
Arizona AZ-8879   AZ 140 Booklet
AR-8453  AR 1000F Instructions
California CA-8879  

CA 540 Instructions

CO-8453 CO 104 Instructions 
Connecticut Federal 8879   CT-1040 Booklet  
DE-8453 DE 200-01 Instructions
District of Columbia 
DC-40E DC 40 Instructions
Georgia   GA-8453 GA 500 Instructions
Hawaii   N-11 or N-15 Main Form HI N-11 Instructions
Idaho Federal 8879
ID 40 Instructions
IL-8453  IL 1040 Instructions 
Indiana   IT-8879 IN IT-40 Instructions
IA-8453 IA 1040 Instructions 
Kansas   Federal 8879  KS 40 Instructions 
Kentucky Federal 8879 KY-8879-K for state-only EF KY 740 Instructions 
Louisiana   LA-8453 LA 540 Instructions
Maine Federal 8879   ME 1040 Booklet 
MDEL101 or MDEL101B MD 502 Booklet
Massachusetts   M-8453 MA 1 Instructions
Michigan Federal 8879, MBT requires the 8879-MBT MI8453 required for state only filing MI-1040 Booklet 
Minnesota Federal 8879   MN 1 Instructions
MS 80-115 (MS-8453) MS 80-105 Instructions
Missouri Federal 8879   MO 1040A Instructions 
Montana Montana considers the act of E-Filing as the signature. . MT-2 Instructions 
Nebraska NE considers the act of E-Filing as the signature. NE-8453 NE 1040N Booklet
New Jersey NJ-8879 is no longer required by the state and cannot be generated starting in Drake18. 
NJ 1040 e-File Handbook
New Mexico   NM-8453 NM PIT-1 Instructions
New York TR579-IT
NY IT-201 Instructions
North Carolina Federal 8879   NC D-400 Instructions 
North Dakota Federal 8879    ND-1 Instructions
Ohio The state of Ohio accepts the Perjury Statement as the Ohio E-File Signature.
OH 1040 Booklet 
Oklahoma   OK-511EF  OK-511 Instructions 
Oregon Federal 8879
OR-40 Instructions 
Pennsylvania PA-8879 PA-8453 PA-40 Instructions 
Rhode Island Federal 8879 RI-8453 RI 1040 Instructions
South Carolina   SC-8453 SC 1040 Instructions 
Utah Federal 8879    UT-40 Instructions 
Vermont VT 8879    VT IN-111 Instructions 
Virginia VA-8879 VA-8453 VA 760 Booklet 
West Virginia    WV-8453 WV 140 Booklet
Wisconsin Federal 8879    WI 1 Instructions

Note: The state instructions listed are for when the taxpayer is a resident of that state. You will need to navigate to each state DOR for further questions regarding nonresidents of these listed states. 

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