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15797: CA - EF Message 0083


Why am I receiving California red message 0083?

CA Red Message 0083 states:

CA3514 Missing Business Demographic Information.

This return has business income on CA3514 line 18 but is missing the business activity code.

Drake Tip:
If this has a Schedule F or K1P then the overrides for business information on CA Screen EIC must be used.

If the income on form CA3514 is coming from Federal Schedule C, return to screen C data entry and make sure the Business Activity code is valid.

Note: Click in the Business Code box and press Ctrl+Shift+S to open a search box to easily find codes.

If the income on form CA3514  is coming from a Schedule F or K1P, it will be necessary to go to CA screen EIC and complete the applicable overrides for business information.

Note: If you are receiving Red Message 0083, but do not have CA business income, review Federal screens C, F, and K1P to make sure CA is not selected in the ST drop-down box.

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