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15817: Subsequent 1096 or W-2/W-3 e-Filing for Additional Required Forms


Drake Accounting®I've identified additional forms that should have been e-filed with Form 1096. How do I e-file additional forms after e-filing an annual 1096 package?  


Only the additional forms need to be created and e-filed. When DAS creates the 1099/1098/W-2G electronic upload file, the 1096 information included totals data for only those additional forms. Similarly, the W-3 will total all Forms W-2 present.

The IRS instructions for filing these forms provide for this.

"Multiple filings. If, after you file Forms 1097, 1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498, or W-2G, you discover additional forms that are required to be filed, file these forms with a new Form 1096. Do not include copies or information from previously filed returns."

See General Instructions for Certain Information Returns for additional information.

Take steps to preserve a copy of the original filing. When you prepare the additional forms -

  • For forms that can be created as either regular or on-the-fly forms, switch the method when you create and e-file the additional forms. This leaves the original screens for the forms intact. (i.e. If the original e-filing was of 3 Forms W-2 processed via payroll, create and e-file the additional Forms W-2 as On the Fly forms.)
  • For forms that can be created only as on-the-fly forms, make sure you have printed a PDF copy of the original forms. When you create the additional forms, the original entries will have to be deleted and replaced by the additional entries that need to be submitted. 

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