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15836: List of Available Reports (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: What reports am I able to produce?  


Drake Accounting® uses Crystal Reports® to generate the reports offered throughout the software. This provides tremendous flexibility of form and content for the reports. They are presented in groups relative to the module of the software they relate to. 

Balance Sheets Reports 

The Balance Sheet reports produce statements listing the debit and credit balances of the current client.  From the Reports dialog box, select which type of balance sheet to create.

  • Prior Month Compare
  • All Posted Transactions (YTD)
  • Start of Year Compare
  • Monthly
  • Date Range
  • Three Year
  • Monthly Prior Year Compare
  • Multi Column Prior Year Compare

 Budget Reports

Budget reports use annual budget amounts entered when the Chart of Accounts were set up to compare budget versus actual amounts. 

  • Versus Actual
  • Prorated Versus Actual

Cash Flow Report

The Cash Flow report shows a company's cash flow on a cash basis.

  • By Date

Chart of Accounts Reports

The Chart of Accounts reports list the Account Number, Level, Account Name, and Account Type.  The Chart of Accounts Trial Balance lists the Account Number, Account Name, and corresponding Debits and Credits.

  • Listing
  • Trial Balance

Employees Reports

Employees reports generate a wide variety of detailed personnel and payroll information.

  • Check Register
  • Consolidated Check Register
  • Employee Listing
  • Employee Detailed Listing
  • Payroll Journal
  • Payroll Journal Expanded Format
  • Payroll Report
  • Payroll Report Expanded
  • Payroll Summary
  • Tax Liability
  • Withholding Benefits and Deductions
  • Withholding Benefits and Deductions Summary
  • Hours
  • Vacation/Sick Hours
  • Federal Unemployment Tax Journal
  • State Unemployment Tax Journal
  • 401K Listing
  • Deleted Checks
  • Healthcare Eligibility
  • Current Earnings Report
  • Current Earnings Summary
  • Worker's Compensation
  • State Wage Report
  • W-2 Control List
  • Tipped Employee Payroll Journal
  • New Hire List
  • Locality Tax Report
  • Emergency Paid Leave

Expense Report

​The Expense report displays the balances of all expense accounts.

  • Expense Report

Firm Reports

Firm reports summarize each client's contact and business information.

  • Client Listing
  • Client Detailed Listing

General Ledger Reports

The General Ledger reports produce statements that display the balances of all accounts.

  • General Ledger

Interim Reports

Interim reports display information that was entered for the current month or period.  Use these reports to review the calculations and verify accuracy of the entries.  Once the month or period has been posted, corrections to that journal cannot be made.  Review all interim information before running the post transactions process.  Even if the Enter Transactions dialog box (Accounting>Transactions) shows a 0.00 balance, there could still be data entry errors that cause reports to be incorrect​​.  Use the interim reports to locate data entry errors. 

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss
  • Trial Balance Worksheet SOY
  • Trial Balance Sheet Prior Period
  • Profit and Loss Activity

Owner's Capital Reports

Owner's Capital reports lists capital accounts and any net income or loss (change) regarding the accounts based on the As of Date chosen.

  • Statement Of Changes to Owner's Capital

Payables Reports

Accounts Payable reports show vendors, outstanding invoices, and due dates and amounts for outstanding invoices.

  • Vendor Listing
  • Open Invoices
  • Cash Requirements
  • Live Vendor Check Register
  • Vendor Payments Register
  • Vendor Card
  • Vendor 1099 Review
  • Scheduled Payments
  • Consolidated Check Register
  • Aged Payables
  • 1099-MISC Control List
  • Worker's Compensation

Profit & Loss (P&L) Reports

The P&L reports produce reports of the company's profits and losses.  The reports can be customized by division, month, period, or time, and formatted in multi-or single-column.​

  • By Date
  • One Column YTD
  • Multi Column Monthly
  • One Column Divisional
  • Multi Column Divisional
  • Prior Year Compare By Date
  • Two Column YTD

Receivables Reports

Accounts Receivables reports show customers, invoices, customer statements, aging reports, and sales tax records.

  • Customer List
  • List of Invoices
  • Customer Statements
  • Past Due Invoices
  • Aged Receivables
  • Sales Tax Record List
  • Sales Tax Summary
  • Transaction Record

Revenue Reports

The Revenue reports show the balances for all income accounts.

  • Monthly Prior Year Compare
  • Revenue Report

Transaction Listings Reports

The Transactions Listings reports can be created based on journal code or actual order that transactions took place.

  • Listing
  • By Reconciliation Type

Year to Date Reports

Reports on the General Ledger and Journal Transactions since the last post.  The Journal Transactions report can be displayed based on a single journal code or by the entirety of the journal.

  • YTD General Ledger
  • YTD Transaction Listing

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