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15840: 1040 - Schedule 6 (Drake18)

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What does the new Schedule 6 of the 1040 look like?


The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act changed Form 1040 and many supplementary schedules were added. Schedule 6 was used to report a taxpayer's foreign address, and if someone other than the preparer was the third party designee, their information would appear on this schedule. 

Starting in tax year 2019, Schedule 6 is obsolete. Foreign address and third party designee info is back on Form 1040 or 1040-SR. 

If the preparer is the third party designee, their information will appear on the bottom of page 1 on the 1040 under the Paid Preparer section with an "X" in the box for third party designee. If this section has been completed, Schedule 6 is not required. 

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