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15862: W-2/W-3 & 1099/1096 Form Requirements and Supplies (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: Are there special requirements when printing W-2/W-3 or 1099/1096 forms?

Yes, the IRS and SSA maintain certain requirements on forms to allow processing. Drake Accounting® provides approved scannable W-2 SSA Copy A and W-3 SSA Copy A forms.

However, 1099 SSA Copy A and 1096 SSA Copy A require pre-printed "red-line" forms.

The SSA approved options for each form are as follows:

  • W-3 SSA Copy A can be printed on blank paper with a laser printer.
  • W-2 SSA Copy A can be printed on blank paper with a laser printer or on pre-printed forms. 
  • W-2 Other copies can be printed on blank paper, where both form and data are printed. The IRS requires that the copies " easily separated" with "the best method of separation [being] to provide perforations between the individual copies." To accommodate this IRS guideline, Drake recommends printing on the blank perforated forms available through NELCO. NELCO offers perforated blank paper specifically designed for W-2 Other copies such as 4-up, 4-down, etc. 

Printing on the pre-printed form for W-2s is no longer supported. Specifications from Publication 1141 are followed where applicable and all forms are programmed and approved by the SSA.  See Related Links below to view the approval letters.

  • 1099 SSA Copy A can only be printed on the red-lined IRS form.
  • 1099 Other copies can be printed on blank paper or on pre-printed forms
  • 1096 SSA Copy A can only be printed on the red-lined IRS form.

Note: Blank paper refers to normal office stock paper.

Ordering forms:

  • The red-lined IRS forms: (1099 and 1096) can be ordered only from the IRS or NELCO.
  • Other forms can be ordered from the IRS, NELCO, or other suppliers.

NELCO provides Drake compatible supplies - tax folders, envelopes, cards, CD tax return envelopes and labels, specialized post cards, blank 1099s, perforated blank W-2 Forms, and several other products.

The office supplies specified for Drake Software can be reviewed and ordered online at (or log in to the Drake Support Web site and go to Resources > Order Supplies).

Nelco also takes orders by:

What year of DAS to use? 

Forms W-2 are created in the corresponding year of DAS. For example, a 2019 Form W-2 must be created in DAS19, while a 2018 Form W-2 must be created in DAS18. 

Form 1099 must be created and e-filed through the DAS program for the current tax year. For example, both a 2018 and a 2019 Form 1099 filed in tax year 2019 should be created in DAS19. Prior year filings are created in the current year program by indicating the prior year as the Payment Year when creating the file. See Related Links below for details.

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