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15928: 1040 - Taxpayer Street Address Too Long

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How can I clear this EF message that states that the filer's street address is too long?


The 1040 Federal limit on street address length is 35 characters. If the street address, including an apartment number, exceeds the limit, federal EF message 5025 will generate.

1040 Federal EF message 5025 states:

STREET ADDRESS EXCEEDS 35 CHARACTERS. The street address on Form 1040 can be only 35 characters long. When the apartment number is added to the street address, the length exceeds 35 characters. This must be corrected before e-filing. If paper-filing, no change is necessary.

Some states have a lower character restriction than the federal limit on the allowed length of the filer's street address including the Apt #. If the state does produce this message, the street address will need to be abbreviated to satisfy the state's limits.

The street address character limit includes the spaces in the address. For example: 12 Main Street, is 14 characters long, including spaces.

 States that produce a message regarding street address length
 State Red Message Produced  Character Limit
 AL  0325  32
 IN  1237  30
 MD  0045  30

Examples of street abbreviations used by the Postal Service:

  • Alley > Aly 
  • Avenue > Ave
  • Boulevard > Blvd
  • Circle > Cir
  • Cove > Cv
  • Creek > Crk
  • Crossroads > Xrds
  • Drive > Dr
  • Expressway > Expy
  • Freeway > Fwy
  • Heights > Hts
  • Highway > Hwy
  • Motorway > Mtwy
  • Mountain > Mtn
  • Parkway > Pkwy
  • Street > St
  • Terrace > Ter
  • Road > Rd

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