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15938: Scheduled Updates - Setup

Installing Updates

How can I set up scheduled updates in Drake Tax so updates will install automatically?


Setting up Scheduled Updates in the Update Manager ensures you have the latest updates in security for both Federal and State tax preparation. Scheduled Updates may be set to run overnight when there will be no conflict with normal office operations.

Your software must be closed for updates to be applied.

If you do not set up Scheduled Updates, you will get the following message when you open your Drake installation after an update has been released:

You must install available updates. Click OK on the message to install updates. If you choose Cancel, the software will close. After the updates are installed, we recommend setting up Scheduled Updates for future program updates to be installed at the most convenient time.

To set up Scheduled Updates

  1. Select the box to the left of Schedule software updates to occur at.
  2. Set the time to run updates by clicking on the hour, minute, second, and AM/PM fields, then clicking the up or down arrows to the right
  3. Click Exit to leave the Update Manager.


Updates will now run at the scheduled time. Be sure to configure Sleep and Hibernation settings on your computer so they do not interrupt your updates.

Watch the video, Auto Updates (2018-Current), for a demonstration. 


  • When using a network, Drake Software must be closed on all workstations and the server for Scheduled Updates to run.
  • Occasionally, a user may be logged out after a Microsoft update that requires the system to restart. If that restart happens overnight and happens before the Scheduled Update, the update will not be applied.
  • If the computer goes to sleep less than one minute before the scheduled update, the update may not occur.
  • Drake Tax does not need to be running and a user does not need to be logged in to Drake Tax.
  • Your computer needs to be on and a user needs to be logged into the computer.
  • If your computer is not on and a user is not logged in, you will not receive scheduled updates.

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