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15947: 2018.12.03 Broadcast - Drake 18 Now Available in Drake Hosted

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2018.12.03 Broadcast - Drake 18 Now Available in Drake Hosted


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Drake Tax 2018 Now Available in Drake Hosted

Drake Hosted Customer,

The 2018 version of Drake Tax has been released and is now available in Drake Hosted. 

Note: If you are currently logged in to Hosted, do one of the following to access the Drake 18 icon:  

  • Click the down arrow at the top of the receiver and select "refresh apps" or, 
  • Log out of Hosted and log back in.

When you open Drake18 for the first time in Drake Hosted, you will be prompted to register your software by entering your Drake account number and sixteen-digit serial number. Next, follow the prompts to complete your software registration. Most software settings from Drake 2017 may be brought forward into Drake 2018 from the Last Year Data menu in the home window of Drake 18 by selecting Update Settings 2017 to 2018

If you intend to utilize Drake Documents for electronic document storage, select one of the following formats: Working Cabinet or Archive Cabinet. Your preferred cabinet may be selected from the Setup menu in the home window of Drake 18. Next, select Printing and Drake Documents and click Save once your cabinet selection has been made.

For more information about Drake Documents, click the blue play button in the Drake Documents setup screen. Click here to visit the complete online library of Drake video tutorials, or go to > Service & Learning > Videos


Drake Hosted Product Team

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