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15962: 1040 - EF Messages 5486 & 5851 Basis Computation (Drake18)

1040 Individual Data Entry

Why am I getting red messages 5486 and 5851 about the shareholder's basis computation being attached? 
Starting in tax year 2018, the IRS requires a basis computation to be attached to individual returns where the taxpayer is a shareholder in an s-corporation in which one or more of the following is true:
  • report a loss
  • receive a distribution
  • dispose of stock, or
  • receive a loan repayment from the scorp.

In these circumstances, the IRS requires Schedule E, page 2, box 28, column E to be checked and the basis computation to be attached. See the 1120S K1 Instructions for details on requirements. 

If you have not completed the basis worksheet screens, and the above situation(s) are true, EF Message 5486 is generated alerting you that a basis worksheet is required to be completed: 

BASIS WORKSHEET MISSING: A K1S screen contains data but no "Basis Worksheet" screen has been completed. There is either a loss being reported or a distribution or loan repayment was received. Because of this, the basis computation is required and MUST BE attached to the return. 

If you do not want to attach the IRS's Worksheet for Figuring a Shareholder's Stock and Debt Basis," or if you have your own worksheet that you will attach: 

  1. Return to the K1S screen, available from the "Income" tab of the Data Entry Menu. 
  2. Click the "Basis Worksheet Continued" tab. 
  3. Select "Do NOT attach the IRS Worksheet for Figuring a Shareholder' Stock and Debt Basis, even though it may be required."

See Screen PDF and FAQ item "GG" for information on attaching PDF documents to a return. 

Once you complete the basis worksheet screen(s), you must also attach that worksheet as a PDF. You must click to attach this worksheet after you are done making entries for the K1S -- this is done to ensure that you have reviewed the attachment and are ready to have it attached to the e-filed return. EF Message 5851 generates with the attachment steps.

PDF ATTACHMENT MISSING: One or more shareholder basis computations must be attached to the return. It must be attached as a PDF document. Follow these steps to attach the PDF document to the return: 

  1. From the toolbar in View/Print mode, select "Attach PDF." The form is attached automatically. 
  2. Click "Exit."
  3. Recalculate the return to clear this message. 

When you click Attach PDF, Wks K1S IRS Stock Basis, Wks K1S IRS Debt Basis, and Wks K1S IRS Basis Summary will be attached as a single PDF document (as applicable). Be sure to enter detailed information so that the allowable losses will be calculated and the worksheet attached as IRS requires. Recalculate the return after attaching the PDFs to clear the red message page. 

Note: Losses in excess of basis are not allowed in the current year. If the preparer does not provide basis calculations with the return when required, the taxpayer will get a Letter 5969 in the mail. 

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