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15976: 2018.12.27 Broadcast - Dashboard Access Available Now (Beta Release)

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2018.12.27 Broadcast - Dashboard Access Available Now (Beta Release)


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Dashboard Access Available Now (Beta Release)

A new application, the Dashboard, is available to Drake clients in beta version for the 2019 filing season. We invite you to use the Dashboard this upcoming season and provide us feedback (send to  

The Dashboard (Dashboard App) is a web-based, mobile-friendly reporting application designed to give tax offices a snapshot of key performance indicators (KPIs) to help measure and evaluate office performance during tax season. It provides this visibility via pre-built, interactive charts. The data provided in the charts can help gauge the health of a business in different areas, and provide insight into revenue-driving activities.

Over twenty predefined charts provide insight on your clients, preparers, and revenue. The tax office data represented in the charts comes from data uploaded from Drake Tax and yearly office goal data entered on the Admin page of the Dashboard. Click here for more details on the Dashboard.

 *NOTE: Enable access to the Dashboard now - however data will not be available in the Dashboard until after return filing begins in January.*

Dashboard Access and Setup 

Enable access to the Dashboard from the Enterprise Office Manager. Log into and go to User Mgmt > Manage Users. To grant a user Dashboard access, check the box for Dashboard-Beta. The user will receive an email with details on accessing the site. 

In order to fully utilize the Dashboard reports, you must do the following:

  1. Enable CSM upload in Setup Options, in Drake Tax.  This will transmit key office metrics during the e-file process. Go to Setup > Options, EF tab, and check the box labeled Upload CSM data to Drake for web-based reporting.
  2. Set yearly customer and revenue goals for the tax office. To enter targets, go to the Admin page of Dashboard.

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