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I am sending batch organizers. The client is receiving a "new file" email notification even though I uploaded an organizer. How do I send the "organizer email" to notify the client that I have uploaded an organizer? 
When you batch send organizers, the email that the client receives depends on whether or not the client already has a SFP account. If the client does not already have an SFP Portal, they will receive two emails:
  1. A "new portal" email (which can be customized under SFP Settings > Email tab > SFP Traditional > New client email), and 
  2. A "new files" email (not customizable)

If you send an organizer, and the client already has an SFP portal, they will receive only the "new files" email (not customizable).

If you have already sent out the organizers and you want to specifically inform them that they have organizers available, you can select to send the "organizer email" by clicking on the client menu (indicated by three vertical dots) for each client and clicking Send Organizer Email. This option can be used as a "reminder" that they should review and complete their organizer. You can edit the email template for the "organizer email" under the settings menu. See Related Links below for details. 

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