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15999: 2019.01.09 - Drake18 State Updates

Drake18 Update Notes

2019.01.09 - Drake18 State Updates


California Update 1

  • Individual Package: 
    • The following forms are approved and available for printing: 
      • Form 100-ES, Corporation Estimated Tax Payment Voucher 
      • Form 3809, Targeted Tax Area Deduction and Credit Summary 
      • Form 540, California Resident Income Tax Return 
      • Form 8453-P, California e-file Return Authorization for Partnerships 
      • Form 8454, e-file Opt-Out Record for Individuals 
      • Form 8455, California e-file Payment Record for Individuals 
      • Form 8879, California e-file Signature Authorization for Individuals 
      • Form CA(540), California Adjustments - Residents 
      • Schedule R, Apportionment and Allocation of Income 
      • Form 100, California Corporation Franchise or Income Tax Return 
      • Form 100S, California S Corporation Franchise or Income Tax Return 
      • Form 540 2EZ, California Resident Income Tax Return (Short Form) 
      • Form 540NR (Short), California Nonresident or Part-Year Resident Income Tax Return (Short Form). 
      • Schedule K-1(100S), Shareholder’s Share of Income, Deductions, Credits, etc. 
    • Helps on CA screen P, Minimum Tax, have been updated to reference new lines on Form CA. 
    • Line 2 of Form 3885A, Depreciation and Amortization Adjustments, has been updated to included section 179 expenses associated with non-California sources. 
    • Print positions on CAWK_SL, Student Loan Interest Deduction Worksheet, have been updated. 
    • CA screen CA, "Line 21 detail" tab, "Other" section, has been updated to include in the total the entries for new adjustments on lines indicated with an asterisk (*).
    • CAWK_A, Proforma Schedule A worksheet, now allows overrides for "Interest you paid," "Gifts to Charity," and "Casualty and Theft Losses."  
    • CA RDP, Adjustments Worksheet, has been updated to include both IRA amounts and pension and annuities amounts on line 4(a).
    • Program updates prevent reject F540/NR-390 when the "Force Itemized" check box is selected on CA screen ITEM, Itemized Deductions, with no adjustments to CA income and CA itemized deduction amount is "0" (zero). Schedule CA will now be included on all returns that have the "Force Itemized" check box selected.
  • Fiduciary Package: 
    • EF Message 1041 prevents a parse error when direct debit is included on a return but no daytime telephone number has been entered. 
  • Multiple Packages: 
    • Form 3805E, Installment Sale Income, has been updated to report line 19, "Gross profit percentage," for non-California source installment sales.

Florida Update 1

  • Corporate Package:
    • EF reject 000006 has been resolved on FL Corporation returns and extensions. 

Massachusetts Update 1

  • Corporation, S Corporation, and Fiduciary Packages:
    • e-File is now available for the following Massachusetts forms: 
      • Form 355, Business or Manufacturing Corporation Excise Return 
      • Form 355S, S Corporation Excise Return 
      • Form 2, Fiduciary Income Tax Return

Wisconsin Update 1

  • Corporation Package: 
    • Form EPV, Wisconsin Electronic Payment Voucher, will now display a due date of 2-1/2 months after the end of the year (March 15 for calendar-year filers) instead of 3-1/2 months (April 15 for calendar-year filers).
    • The taxable credit amount entered on WI screen MAM will now flow to line 8k of Schedule V, Wisconsin Additions to Federal Income. 
    • Schedule MAM, Wisconsin Manufacturing Credit, will now display the correct percentage on line 9. Prior to this update, this line contained the decimal amount.
    • Schedule MAM will now be computed from entries on line 14 through line 22. 
    • Schedule EIT, Electronics and Information Technology Manufacturing Zone Credit, has been added to the Corporation package. 
    • Corporation, S Corporation, and Partnership Packages: 
    • An update reflects the latest EF version released by the WI DoR.
  • Fiduciary Package: 
    • An update reflects the latest EF version released by the WI DoR
  • Individual Package: 
    • Question 1 on Schedule H, Wisconsin Homestead Credit, Schedule 4,will no longer be answered "No" automatically. This question should be answered only by those with primary income from farming.
    • The parse error, "Medical Subtraction," for Schedule H, Wisconsin Homestead Credit, will no longer be generated when an amount is entered for medical care insurance on WI screen 3.
    • The amount of disqualified losses on line 11j of Schedule H, Wisconsin Homestead Credit, will now be transmitted with e-filed returns.
    • Wisconsin has updated their business rules for the individual package.
    • The amount of the Homestead Credit flowing to line 45 of Form 1, Wisconsin Income Tax, will now be the amount from Schedule H, line 19 instead of line 13.

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