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16009: 2019.01.11 - Drake18 State Updates

Drake18 Update Notes

2019.01.11 - Drake18 State Updates


States Generally Update 1

  • General program update.

Massachusetts Update 2

  • Multiple Packages: 
    • The following forms have been approved: 
      • M-2848, Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative 
      • M-8453, Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing 
      • M-8453C, Corporate Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing 
      • M-8453F, Fiduciary Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing 
      • M-8453CR, Nonresident Composite Return Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing 
  • e-File is now available for the following form: 
    • MA NRCR, Nonresident Composite Return
  • S Corporation and Partnership Packages: 
    • e-File is now available for the following forms: 
      • MA Form 3, Partnership Return of Income 
      • Form MA NRCR, Nonresident Composite Return 

Michigan Update 1

  • Individual Package:
    • Form MI-1040CR-7, Home Heating Credit Claim, is now available for e-file and printing.
    • Program updates correct values on the Tax Comparison worksheet for Michigan. This update does not change any tax return calculations.

Nebraska Update 2

  • The following forms have been approved for printing: 
    • Individual Package: 
      • 458L, Physician's Certification for Late Filing 
      • 458T, Application for Transfer 
      • NOL, Net Operating Loss Worksheet 
      • 3800M, Advantage Microenterprise Credit Worksheet M 
      • 4868EX, Application for Extension of Time 
    • Corporation Package: 
      • 3800M, Advantage Microenterprise Credit 
      • 4466, Corporation Application for Adjustment 
    • S Corporation Package: 
      • 3800N, Advantage Microenterprise Credit Worksheet M 
    • Partnership Package: 
      • 1065N, Partnership Income Tax Return 
      • 1065N, page 2, Schedule l 
      • 1065N, page 3, Schedule ll 
      • 1065N, page 4, Schedule lll (Listing ALL Partners) 
      • 3800M, Advantage Microenterprise Credit Worksheet M 
    • Fiduciary Package: 
      • 1041ES, Estimated Income Tax Payment Voucher 
      • 3800M, Advantage Microenterprise Credit Worksheet M 

New York Update 1

  • Corporation and S Corporation Packages: 
    • Form CT-399, Depreciation Adjustment Schedule, has been updated to no longer subtract Section 179 deductions from federal depreciation on section B, column E of the form. 
    • Rounding errors have been corrected on line 3 of Form CT-3-M, General Business Corporation MTA Surcharge Return.
    • Form NYC-EXT, Application For Automatic Extension of Time to File Business Income Tax Returns, has been updated to allow the taxpayer's email address to flow from federal screen 1. 
    • All Corporation and S Corporation products have been approved for e-file. 
    • Form CT-225 New York State Modifications, has been updated to conform with the updated 2018 version of the form. Codes A-218 and S-512 have been added to the drop lists on NY screen 225 in the Corporation package and screen SH2 in the S Corporation package.
    • The New York State Department of Finance requires all business products to use the current date automatically for all payment dates. Prior to 2018, the default payment date was the due date of the return. Future payment dates will be allowed up to the due date of the return. Overrides are available on the federal PMT screen. 
  • Individual Package: 
    • Form DTF-624, Claim for Low-Income Housing Credit, has been updated to allow all data entered for Part 5 to flow to the NY624_P5 attachment. 
  • All Packages: 
    • The E-ZRep Tax Information Access and Transaction Authorization Form has been updated to conform with the 2018 version of the form.
    • The following forms have been approved by the NY Department of Revenue
      • IT-2658-MTA, Attachment to Form IT-2658
      • IT-649, Farm Donations to Food Pantries Credit
      • NYC-114.5, REAP Credit Applied to Unincorporated Business Tax
      • NYC-114.7, UBT Paid Credit
      • NYC-114.8, Lower Manhattan Relocation Employment Assistance Program Credit
      • NYC-114.10, Claim for Biotechnology Credit
      • NYC-114.12, Claim for beer Production Credit

Pennsylvania Update 1

  • S Corporation and Partnership Packages:
    • Form 20S65, PA S Corporation/Partnership Information Return, may now be e-filed.
    • The following forms have been updated to comply with the 2018 instructions and may now be filed: 
      • PA Schedule M, Reconciliation of Federal to PA Taxable Income 
      • PA Schedule E, Rent and Royalty Income.
      • The following forms have been approved for paper-file: 
      • PA Schedule H, Apportioned Business Income (Loss) 
      • PA-65 Corp, Directory of Corporate Partners. 

Rhode Island Update 1

  • Corporation package: 
    • Form RI-2441, Adult and Child Day Care Assistance and Development Tax Credit, will now access the appropriate minimum tax amount. 
    • Previously, the form was calculating a $500 minimum tax when it is currently $400. The update will correct this calculation.
  • Multiple Packages: 
    • The following forms have been approved for printing: 
      • Form RI-2210A, RI Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals 
      • RI Schedule U, Individual Consumer's Use Tax Worksheet 

Virginia Update 1

  • Individual Package:
    • When the return has itemized deductions from Schedule A, calculated amounts will now flow to column "A" and not column "B" of line 12, "State and local income taxes," on Form 760PY, Virginia Part-Year Resident Income Tax Return, for filing statuses Single, MFJ, and MFS. For MFS Combined (filing status 4), line 12 will use the income percentage found on the worksheet VAWK_MS, Married Filing Separately Combined, per VA instructions.
    • Itemized deduction values flowing from Schedule A, Itemized Deductions, will be printed in column "A" of Form 760PY Part-Year Income Tax R Return, for all filing statuses except filing status 4, Married Filing Separate Combined, as intended.
    • Obsolete worksheets WK_OA, Other Additions, WK_OS, Other Subtractions, and WK_OD, Other Deductions, have been removed from the program.
    • Adjustment codes will now be printed in proper alignment on Virginia Schedules 763PY ADJ and 763 ADJ, Part-Year and Nonresident Schedules of Adjustments, when Schedule ADJ, Supplemental Adjustments, is present.
    • Virginia Schedule FED/CG, "Schedule C, C-EZ and/or Schedule F Information," will no longer include 2106 information unless a federal Form 2106, Employee Business Expenses, is produced. 
  • Multiple Packages:
    • The following forms are approved for printing by the VA Dept. of Taxation:
      • 301, CORP Enterprise Zone Credit Corporation Tax
      • 301, IND Enterprise Zone Credit Individual Tax
      • R-7, Application for Enrollment as a VA Authorized Agent
      • Schedule A, Itemized Deductions
      • Schedule ADJS, Supplemental Schedule for Adjustments

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