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16025: 2019.01.17 Broadcast - Refund Advance Declines

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2019.01.17 Broadcast - Refund Advance Declines


Drake Software Important Alert

Refund Advance Declines

Due to some technical difficulties with our mutual banking partner, you may have received some acknowledgments that indicate an approved advance on a taxpayer’s refund, but no check print authorization for an advance.

If the same taxpayer(s) was (were) declined for a pre-acknowledgment advance (an advance that could be issued prior to IRS acknowledgment), the post-acknowledgment advance should also be declined. The banking partner is working on sending acknowledgments that more clearly communicate the advance decline.

In the meantime, you should expect that a decline of one advance means that no advance will be approved. This product reverts to a Refund Transfer product and the money will be distributed upon IRS funding for that taxpayer. The fees withheld will also be in accordance with a Refund Transfer product, not an advance product.

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