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16039: B Acks and Software Updates

Installing Updates

I have received a B Ack 7102 stating that my software is out of date. How do I update my software? 


If a return was transmitted without all available updates installed, you will receive a B ack 7102 when you attempt to e-file it. To resolve this B ack follow these steps: 

  1. Get updates in Drake Tax*: 
    • If you are the administrative user, log in to your instance of Drake Tax and install updates. All other users on the network should be logged out of Drake Tax in order for the updates to be applied. 
    • If you are not the admin user (or do not have update rights), please have the administrator install all available updates. 
  2. Recalculate any returns that received a B ack. 
  3. Re-transmit the return(s) using the EF menu. 
  4. Check for acknowledgments under EF > Transmit/Receive > Acks Only to ensure that the return(s) were accepted by the IRS and any state DORs. 

*If you have already installed your updates in Drake Tax, simply complete steps 2-4. The B ack indicates that the return was transmitted without the latest update(s) being applied. Recalculating ensures that updates are applied to the return. Be sure to review the return for accuracy before re-transmitting. 

Note that if you keep your software open, you will see a message Updates Needed! on the bottom left corner of Drake Tax. Click on the Install Now button to retrieve and install your updates.

Alternatively, close and reopen Drake Tax. This will display a pop-up message alerting you to the available updates. Click OK to apply updates now.


Always ensure that you install updates promptly. 

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