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16061: 2019.02.07 - Drake18 Updates

Drake18 Update Notes

2019.02.07 - Drake18 Updates


General Update 16

  • An embedded comma is now allowed in the payer's address during GruntWorx import.
  • The correct description will now be printed in the client results letter for Ohio Municipal Net Profits Tax returns.
  • Michigan Cities:
    • Corporation and S Corporation Packages:
      • CF-1120, Corporation Income Tax Return, will now be generated based on the "Resident City" selected on federal screen 1. An entry directly on the MI city screen is no longer required.

General Update 7

  • EF Message 1525 will be produced only when required for Form 3115, Schedule A, Part I.

1040 Update 20

  • EF Message 0066 has been updated to prevent a parse error when invalid characters have been entered in the “Dependent first name” field on screen 2. (DependentDetail)
  • An EF Message now prevents any return from being filed that contains Form W-2 or Schedule C for a member of the clergy who is paying his or her own Social Security tax. An update will be posted in the near future to allow these returns to be filed.
  • Programming has been updated for Worksheet WK_CCLMT Deduction Limits for Charitable Contributions. It can now be filed.
  • Excess utility allowance from worksheet Wks CLGY1, line 3a, will now be included in the calculation of earned income on line 1 of worksheet Wks CTC4, and line 6a of Schedule 8812. Prior to this update, the excess clergy utility allowance was included in earned income for Child Tax Credit purposes only when the church provided the minister with a rental or parsonage allowance instead of providing a parsonage. 

1065 Update 13

  • A link to a video tutorial on e-signing engagement letters was added to screen LTR in the Partnership package.
  • EF Message 1525 will be produced only when required for Form 3115, Schedule A, Part I. 
  • Ordinary capital gains reported on Form 4797, Part II, line 17, will be included on the Wks QBI as Qualified Business Income for Form 8825, Rental Real Estate, Form RENT, or Schedule F, only when screen 8825, RENT, or F is marked "Yes" as a trade or business.
  • An update prevents parse error, “'IRS3115ScheduleA' in namespace has incomplete content,” associated with Form 3115, Schedule A, line 5.
  • Book depreciation will now be calculated as expected in the 1065 package when the "Carry book accumulated depreciation and amortization to Schedule L" check box is selected on screen L.
  • Programming has been updated for Form 8813. It can now be filed.

1120 Update 6

  • A link to a video tutorial on e-signing engagement letters was added to screen LTR in the Corporation package.
  • An "Explanation of reasonable cause for not filing Form 2553 in a timely manner," entered on line I of screen 2553, will now be printed on Form 2553, Election by a Small Business Corporation, as expected.

1120S Update 10

  • A link to a video tutorial on e-signing engagement letters was added to screen LTR in the S Corporation package.
  • Ordinary capital gains reported on Form 4797, Part II, line 17, will be included on the Wks QBI as Qualified Business Income for Form 8825, Rental Real Estate, Form RENT, or Schedule F, only when screen 8825, RENT, or F is marked "Yes" as a trade or business. 
  • Several changes were made to the Schedule M-2 worksheet. This worksheet is intended only to aid in return preparation. No return calculations were affected by this update: Printing adjustments were made for lines 21 through 24. Prior to this update, the amount was printed one line above the corresponding line. The worksheet now accounts for distributions paid from accumulated earnings and profits. Prior to this update, distributions paid from accumulated earnings and profits were not considered in the calculation; however, the retained earnings were reduced by that amount, resulting in net reconciliation difference on line 24 of the worksheet. 
  • Guidance on how the program allocates W-2 wages for QBI purposes has been added to the field helps on screens E, K1, and 199A. Click inside a compensation field and press F1 to view the information.

Arizona Update 7

  • Corporation Package:
    • New AZ screens A3, Schedule A - Continued, and B2, Schedule B - Continued, permit data entry for the new AZ Form 120, page 5, Schedule A, "Additions to Taxable Income Continued," and Schedule B, "Subtractions from Taxable Income Continued." 
    • The new screens also accommodate the new addition and deduction, "Exchange of Legal Tender."
    • A new worksheet, AZ basis of the NOL carryover, has been added to support the Net Operating Loss Deduction.
    • Schedule E, "Apportionment Formula," on page 3 of AZ Form 120, now includes all available payroll types from screen APPT, Multi-State Apportionment, in its calculation. It also ensures that the Gross Sales, and not the Net Sales, from federal Form 1120, page 1, are used to calculate the AZ schedule's Sales Factor.
  • Corporation, S Corporation, and Partnership Packages:
    • An obsolete field was deleted from AZ screen EXT, Extension of Time.

Connecticut Update 3

  • Individual Package:
    • A parse error on Form CT-1040 EXT, caused by a blank "NotRequested" element, has been resolved.
    • Forms approval has been received for Forms CT-1040 and CT-1040NR, income tax returns for residents and for nonresidents and part-year residents.
  • Corporation Package:
    • The print positions on Form CT-1120RC, Research and Experimental Expenditures Tax Credit, have been adjusted. 
  • S Corporation and Partnership Packages:
    • The correct amount will now be calculated for Section 2, line 8, of Form CT PTE, Schedule CT-AB.
    • The CT S Corporation and Partnership packages have received e-file approval.
  • Estate Package:
    • The tax tables for Form CT-706, Connecticut Estate and Gift Tax Return, have been updated.
  • Estate and Individual Packages:
    • Form CT-706/709, Connecticut Estate and Gift Tax Return, has received approval.

Hawaii Update 3

  • Individual Package:
    • EF rejects HICR-017-05 and HICR-018 have been resolved on HI returns that include Form N-356, Earned Income Tax Credit. No calculations have been affected.
  • S Corporation Package:
    • Parse errors on the elements 'FormN35' and 'IDNumOfDesignatedTMP' have been resolved on Form N-35, S Corporation Income Tax Return. 
  • Partnership and Fiduciary Packages:
    • Because the filing due date of 04-20-2019 falls on a weekend, the due date on the filing instructions and client results letter has been updated to Monday, 04-22-2019.

Iowa Update 3

  • Individual Package:
    • Lines 13 and 14 of Form IA 1040C, Composite Individual Income Tax Return for Nonresidents, were corrected for 2018. Prior to this update, a stray value was displayed on line 14.
    • If there is an amount on line 5a of a federal Schedule A, and the "Force sales tax" check box is marked, that amount will now flow to line 4 of IA Form 1040, Schedule A, and the box on line 4b will be marked.
    • The amount of "Home equity interest not deductible on federal return" entered on federal screen A will now be included on line 9A of Form IA 1040, Schedule A.
    • An update corrects an issue that caused, in certain cases, EF Message 0045 to be generated when no Form IA 8824, Like-Kind Exchange of Personal Property, was included with the return.
    • Form IA 1040, line 24, "Other adjustments," will now include the Educator Expenses flowing from federal Schedule 1, line 23, "Educator Expenses."
    • IA screen LN24 now has an "Educator Expenses" override field. 
  • Individual and Partnership Packages:
    • EF Message 0162 has been updated to reflect the new 179 limits for Iowa for 2018.
  • Corporation Package:
    • An update corrects an issue that occurred when a return included IA 1120, Schedule A, Other Additions and Reductions, and EF Message of 0111, "IA Schedule A Reductions Line 17: Must be equal to the sum of Schedule A Reduction lines 2 through 8, and 10 through 16," was generated even when the lines were equal.

Illinois update 3

  • Corporation Package:
    • The 2019 IL-1120-V payment vouchers for corporations have been updated to display the correct direct debit date.
    • All 2019 IL 1120V payment vouchers will now display the correct amount of the estimated payments after the over-payment has been applied. 
    • Illinois' Corporation package has received e-file approval. Messages have been removed and Form IL-1120 can now be e-filed.
  • S Corporation Package:
    • Illinois' S Corporation package has received e-file approval. Messages have been removed and Form IL-1120-ST can now be e-filed.
  • Partnership Package:
    • Illinois' Partnership package has received e-file approval. Messages have been removed and Form IT-1065 can now be e-filed.
    • IL screen 2 no longer has stray information appearing at the bottom of the screen. No calculations were affected by this update.
  • Multiple Packages:
    • The "Credit Code" drop lists, on IL screens 99C2, 99A2, or 99D (depending on the package) for Prior-Year Credits, have been updated to prevent users from making incorrect selections.
  • Fiduciary Package:
    • Illinois' Fiduciary package has received e-file approval. Messages have been removed and Form IL-1041 can now be e-filed.
    • A watermark was added to Form IL-1041X, indicating it is still in development.

Maryland Update 3

  • Individual, Corporation, S Corporation, and Partnership Packages:
    • MD Estimated Payments will no longer be displayed twice in the Transaction Summary (available from the "Federal" tab in View/Print mode). 
  • Individual Package:
    • This update corrects an issue that caused a DRKPARSE error when preparers used the "Physical Address" override fields on MS screen 1. 
    • Form PV, Maryland Personal Tax Payment Voucher for Form 502/505, Estimated Tax and Extensions, has been approved and is available for e-file.

Maine Update 5

  • Individual Package:
    • Line 17, "Deduction," on Form 1040ME, Maine Individual Income Tax, will use the standard deduction when it is more than the itemized deduction amount.

Missouri Update 5

  • Individual Package:
    • An EF message prevents a parse error on Form CR, Credit for Taxes Paid to Other States or Political Subdivisions, when line 8, "Percentage of Income Taxed," is a negative number. The function of MO screen CR has been restored.

North Carolina  Update 5

  • Individual Package
    • When the federal filing status is MFJ and an NC nonresident elects to file as MFS on NC screen 1, the amount of child deduction on line 10b will now be calculated using the NC MFS spouse AGI, resolving EF reject NCD400-2036. Prior to this update, in this scenario the MFJ AGI would be used to calculate the deduction.
    • The marginal tax rate for Form NC-COMP, State Tax Return Comparison, will be 5.499 percent for the 2017 column.

Oregon Update 7

  • Individual Package:
    • Form OR-STI, Oregon Statewide Transit Individual Tax Return, will now include STI tax withholding, labeled as "ORSTT" on Form W-2, box 14, when there are multiple W-2s. Prior to this update, withholding from only the first W-2 was included. Previously filed STI returns should be reviewed.
    • Schedule OR-A, Oregon Itemized Deductions, will now be printed on Married Filing Separately returns when taking itemized deductions, resolving EF reject OR-028. This is a print issue only and no calculations are affected by this update.
  • Fiduciary Package:
    • The check box for the extension on Form OR-41, Oregon Fiduciary Income Tax Return, now works as expected to place the extended due date on the client results letter and OR filing instructions.

South Carolina Update 3

  • Multiple Packages:
    • The following forms have been approved and may now be printed: 
      • PT-100, Business Personal Property Return
      • 1040-ES, Individual Declaration of Estimated Tax
      • I-361, Parental Refundable Credit
      • 1041-ES, Fiduciary Declaration of Estimated Tax
  • Individual Package:
    • The SC Motor Fuel Income Tax Credit has been updated to allow a taxpayer and a spouse copy.

West Virginia Update 2

  • Individual Package:
    • The "Force form to produce...." check box on WV screen HEP screen will now function as expected.
    • Line 2 of WV Schedule L, Application for Extension of Time to File, will now include only wages and withholding. Credit amounts will no longer be included.
    • State withholding will now be displayed correctly in the "2018" column of the Three-year State Tax Return Comparison worksheet (WV-COMP). 
  • Multiple Packages:
    • The following WV forms have been updated and may now be filed:
      • Schedules H & E, Certification for Permanent and Total Disability
      • 8379, West Virginia State Tax Department Injured Spouse Allocation
      • NFA-1, Nonfamily Adoption Credit Schedule OPT-1, Taxpayer E-File Opt Out Form
      • Schedule J, West Virginia Military Incentives Credit - IT-210, Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals
      • Schedule L, Application for Extension of Time to File
      • CNF-120ES, West Virginia Estimated Corporate Net Income Tax Payment
      • SPF-100ES, West Virginia Estimated Income Tax Payment For S Corporations and Partnerships
  • The WV Corporation, S Corporation, Partnership, and Fiduciary forms have been updated to the latest version. Approval is pending and will be released at a later date.

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