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16067: EF Return Selector – Expired Returns

Select Returns for EF

What does the status Expired Return mean in the EF Return Selector?


Due to state requirements, any returns calculated more than 7 days before you try to transmit will have Expired Return as their status.

Those returns will:

  • Display a date more than 7 days old in the Last Calc column
  • Be unavailable to select
  • Be grayed out


To change the return’s status to Ready For EF:

  • Recalculate the return by:
    • Either opening the expired return and clicking Calculate in the Data Entry mode toolbar
    • Or clicking Calculate on the software homepage, entering the ID numbers of all expired clients, then clicking OK
  • Confirm no new messages are displayed on the Calculation Window or on the Messages page of View/Print mode
  • Return to the EF Return Selector

Important: Though rare, be sure to check that there are no material changes to the return. If there are, you may be required to have the return signed again by the taxpayer.

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