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16175: Drake Accounting Manual (DAS)


Drake Accounting®Where can I access the Drake Accounting® manual?


The Drake Accounting® User's Manual (PDF format) can be viewed online and/or saved locally for no charge. The following links will open the respective manual in your browser: 

Tip: The keyboard combination CTRL + F allows you to open a search box within the current page or document. This will allow you to quickly search for a specific item or topic.

Alternatively, you can access the Drake Software Manuals tab of the Drake Support website. All available manuals are located under Support > Documents > Manuals tab within the Support page menu. To access the desired manual, select the tax year in the drop list under Drake Accounting, then click on the 20YY Drake Accounting Manual link.

Note: The Drake Accounting® Help () button, located on the top right of the software window, no longer opens a Program Help window. Instead, when you click on the Help button, your default browser will open a window to a DAS assistance resource with information related to the active window in Drake Accounting®.


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