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16328: 941 Line 2 and Gross Wages Do Not Match (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: When I create the 941, line 2 does not match the gross wages from the Payroll Journal.  What is causing this? 


  • If you have selected Tax Deposits as the source:
    • Verify that all tax deposits for the quarter have been entered and saved.
    • The Tax Deposits screen choices Use Beginning Period Date, Use Ending Period Date, and Use Payment Date can also affect the information that is carried to the 941.
  • Verify the date range used when running the Payroll Journal report is for the quarter only.
  • Review all deductions and benefits that have been set up and assigned to employees.  If the Federal withholding checkbox is not marked, the applicable deduction/benefit will reduce the amount that flows to line 2 of the 941 and/or line 1 of the 944, but does not affect the gross wages on the Payroll Journal report.


​Note: If changes are made to the benefits/deductions setup, you will need to also go to Employee Setup, select the applicable benefit/deduction and update the information using the F3 key.  If checks were already created prior to the change to the benefits/deductions, those checks will need to be deleted and recreated if the information was incorrect when payroll was originally entered.  Changes to benefits and deductions will not make changes to previously created checks. 


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