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16338: DAS19 - Update

Drake Accounting 2019 Notes

DAS19 - Update



  • Fixed an issue with a forms from the following states: MS. 
  • Fixed an issue occurring when printing from Tools > Print Blank Forms. 
  • Fixed an issue occurring when uploading paychecks to the portal. 
  • Fixed an issue with overtime rates on paystubs. 


  • Indiana locality rates have been updated. 


  • A checkbox to use a foreign address has been added to the W-3. 
  • When "Mask ID on 1099/1098" is selected in Client Setup, the filer's TIN  will not be masked on any of the copies, but the payee's TIN will be masked on all copies except for Copy A. This does not apply to Form W-2G.  
  • A new option, "Mask ID on W-2," has been added to Client Setup > Federal Form Setup tab. 

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