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16369: W-2 and 1099/1098 Form Availability (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: When will Forms W-2 and 1099/1098 be available?  


DAS will process, print, and e-file Forms W-2 and 1099/1098, but some functions are not available until later in the year.

  • Form processing can be completed at any time during the year.
  • Printing without a watermark will generally be available mid-November to early December.
  • The SSA generally begins accepting e-filed W-2 forms in December (date will be posted in the user Handbook for W-2/W-3 filing on the BSO webpage).
  • Forms 1099/1098 will be available for e-file when the FIRE site begins accepting transmissions for the new year, generally in early January (date will be posted on the FIRE webpage).

Common W-2 and 1099/1098 issues:

  • "Preview for 20YY" watermark - this watermark is printed until the forms are updated and approved for printing and filing.
  • "Client Copy" watermark on 1099/1098 - the IRS Copy (Copy A) 1099/1098 form is required to be printed on the red-lined forms for filing purposes.  To print this form without a watermark, select to print "data only".
  • "Printing Not Available In Demonstration Mode" red overprint - printing of forms requires a licensed version of Drake Accounting® with a valid serial number.
  • To print out a different copy of the form without the watermark, select Other Copies All or Other and select the applicable copies to print. 
  • Forms W2 and 1099 must be generated in the corresponding version of DAS. For example, a Form W-2 for 2022 is generated in DAS22. 


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