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16377: AL - Creating and Filing the UC-CR-4/4A (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: How do I create and file the Alabama UC-CR-4/4A?


For filing to the Alabama Department of Labor (DOL), DAS produces:

  • A TXT file for upload to the Alabama eGov website.
  • A PDF of Form UC-CR-4/4A, Quarterly Contribution Report for record-keeping purposes only. 

Alabama requires the UC-CR-4/4A to be e-filed.

See Related Links below for required setup before creating the state wage report. 

To prepare the UC-CR-4/4A:

  • Select the Employees menu, then select State Tax & Wage Forms.
  • Make sure AL is selected, then select UC-CR4 UC-CR4A from the Forms droplist.
  • Select the applicable quarter.
  • Review the form and make any necessary entries or edits.
  • Make sure the e-file checkbox is marked, then select Save/Print.


Save/Print creates the watermarked PDF of Form UC-CR-4/4A for record-keeping purposes, as well as the .txt file for upload to the Alabama DOL.

To e-file:

  • Log in to the Alabama DOL eGov account.
  • Follow the menu options to upload the wage file.
  • The file for upload can be found by browsing to the drive where DAS is installed > DrakeAccounting20YY > Clients > client code > EFile > AL > ALUCCR4UCCR4A and selecting the file named ALUCCR4UCCR4A_YYYY-MM-DD_HR_MIN_SEC.txt (where YYYY-MM-DD_HR_MIN_SEC is the date and time of file creation).

For more information regarding e-filing the UC-CR-4/4A, see the Alabama Department of Labor eGov webpage.


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