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16395: 2019.11.08 - Drake18 Updates

Drake18 Update Notes

2019.11.08 - Drake18 Updates


Georgia Update 11

  • Individual Package:
    • Returns which
      • Had a previously filed federal extension,
      • A GA extension payment was not made, and
      • GA screen EXT indicated that the GA extension had previously been filed,
    • GA Form IT-303, Application For Extension of Time, will no longer be printed, GA EF Message 0054 will no longer be generated, and direct debit information will be completed.

Rhode Island Update 17

  • Corporation, S Corporation, and Partnership Packages:
    • The number of factors on RI Schedule I, Apportionment, to include in the apportionment ratio's calculation has been modified to include zero ("0") percent calculations.

General State Update 8

  • Nevada Multiple Packages:
    • The "mail-to" address for amended Nevada returns has been updated to the new address. Prior to the update, amended returns were being directed to the same address as a regular NV return.

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