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16432: Open/Create Changes (Drake19)

Drake19 Changes

What new features are available in the open/create menu? 


Starting in Drake19, the open/create menu has been optimized to allow you to easily access and open client returns. The format has been modified to display three columns: Client Name, Type, and ID Number. By default, the SSN/EIN is truncated on this display, however, you can toggle this option by right-clicking on the grid and unchecking the option Mask ID Numbers

You can now search for clients by typing in a name (first, last, or any part) or the SSN/EIN. The search is dynamic and begins returning results as you type: 

Returns that have not yet been updated from the prior year will show the designation (2018 only) after the listed name, and the text will be grayed out. If you want to update that client to this year, simply select that line and click OK (or double-click on the return). You will be presented with the Update Options window where you can select options and update the return. Active (previously updated) returns will show in black lettering. Select the return and click OK to open.

If you are a PPR user, be sure that you have selected the correct client to update as you will be charged to open it in data entry. 

You can also browse by category of return with the drop list to the right of the client selection search bar: 

Browse categories include the following:

  • Recent Returns (default)
  • All Clients
  • Clients not yet updated to 2019
    • If you do not have returns showing under this menu, go to Tools > Repair Index Files > Name Index > Continue and choose the option to Include prior year (2018) clients in the name index.
    • See Related Links below for more info on this option. 
    • If you have completed a batch update of all prior year clients (not recommended), this list would also be blank as all clients would have been updated to 2019. 

  • Return types: 1040, 1120, 1120-S, 1065, 1041, 990, 706.
  • Search Results (automatically switches when you begin typing)

To create a new return that does not exist in either the current or prior year, type the full SSN/EIN in the Client Selection box and click OK. Follow the prompts to finish creating the new return. See Related Links for details. 

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