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16485: W-2 e-File Error - Employment Code (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: I uploaded a W-2 file to the SSA, but received an error about the employment code.  How do I fix this?


If you receive a message stating that the employment code in position 219 is invalid, this indicates a missed step during client setup.

To correct this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Clients menu, then select Edit.
  2. Select the Federal Form Setup tab.
  3. Make sure one of the following options under W-3 Information (Kind of Payer) is selected:
    • 941
    • Military/941
    • 943
    • 944
    • CT-1
    • Household Employer
    • Medicare Government Employer
    • Third Party Sick Pay
  4. Make sure one of the following options under W-3 Kind of Employer is selected:
    • None Apply
    • 501c non-government
    • State/Local non-501c
    • State/Local 501c
    • Federal government
  5. Select Save, then Exit.
  6. Reprocess the affected W-2 forms and retransmit.​


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