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16567: 2020.01.22 - Drake19 Updates

Drake19 Update Notes

2020.01.22 - Drake19 Updates


General Program Update 9

  • Program changes facilitate improved Ctrl+Tab navigation on tabbed data entry screens.
  • Selecting the "Dependent has insurance" check box on screen 2 will no longer suppress the dependent’s name from the "Qualifying Child's SSN" drop list on screen DD1.
  • Linkbacks across federal packages and state individual forms have been updated for the current tax year.

1040 Update 12

  • Form 8824 is now available, and the watermark has been removed.
  • An "Agent for Employer" check box, indicating an agent prepared the Form W-2, has been added to screen W2.
  • The <Delay of Refund Paragraph> will now be printed in the individual client results letter when Earned Income Credit or Additional Child Tax Credit is calculated.

1041 Update 8

  • Form 8824 is now available, and the watermark has been removed.
  • An "Agent for Employer" check box, indicating an agent prepared the Form W-2, has been added to screen W2.
  • Disaster entries from the MISC screen will now print on page 1 of Form 1041 at the very top of the form.

Federal Program Update 4

  • The form name will now be printed as expected in the 990 filing instructions.

1120 Program Update 7

  • The client results letter for Form 1120, U.S Corporation Income Tax Return, no longer includes the federal refund paragraph when the full amount of the overpayment has been applied to next year's estimated taxes.
  • Form 8824 is now available, and the watermark has been removed.
  • Line 25 of Schedule K, Other Information, will now be automatically marked "No" when no Form 8996, Qualified Opportunity Fund, is produced.
  • Line 5c of Form 8827, Credit for Prior-Year Minimum Tax, will now be calculated correctly when an amount is entered in the override field on screen 8827 (available from the first "Credits" tab of the Data Entry Menu).

Arizona Update 8

  • Individual Package:
    • Additional school codes were added for high-use credit Form AZ 352, Credit for Contributions to Qualifying Charitable Organizations, per AZ DoR update.
    • The format of the dollar amount for gifts to charities was updated to prevent the following parse error: "The '; element is invalid - The comma is invalid according to its datatype.
    • Page 3 of AZ Form 140. Resident Personal Income Tax Return, was corrected to account for the addition to standard deduction of the amount entered for charity mileage from federal Schedule A. Prior to this update, the program was using the amount entered rather than the miles multiplied by the charity rate.
    • Form 140, Resident Personal Income Tax Form, Form 140PY, Part-Year Resident Income Tax Form, and Form 140NR, Nonresident Personal Income Tax Form, were updated so that page 3, "Standard Deduction Increase for Charitable Contributions,"page 4, "Dependents and Other Exemption Information," and page 5, "Adjustments to Arizona Gross Income," are not printed unless required.
    • Form AZ 309, Credit for Taxes Paid to Another State or Country, was updated to allow the credit when filing Form 140PY, Part-Year Resident Personal Income Tax Return.
    • An update correctly formats the name of the county on Form 331 to prevent a parse error.
    • Codes were updated for Forms 321,Credit for Contributions to Qualifying Charitable Organizations, 322, Credit for Contributions Made or Fees Paid to Public Schools, and 352, Credit for Contributions to Qualifying Foster Care Charitable organizations. per the AZ DoR update.
    • The AZ Capital Gain Subtraction worksheets for Forms 140, Resident Personal Income Tax Return, 140PY, Part-Year Resident Personal Income Tax return, and 140NR, Nonresident Resident Income Tax Return, have been updated for 2019 per the AZ DoR instructions.
    • EF Message 0244 was updated to include Form 140A, Resident Personal Income Tax (Short) Form, if the attachment is not included in the return when Form 140 PTC, Property Tax Credit, is included in the e-file transmission.

Georgia Update 1

  • Individual Package:
    • Form 500, Schedule 3, Part-Year Nonresident, will now be included as a PDF attachment in other state returns, when required.
  • S Corporation Package:
    • e-File is now available.
  • S Corporation and Partnership Packages:
    • Form ITRM, Railroad Track Maintenance Tax Credit, is now available. 
  • Corporation, S Corporation, and Partnership Packages:
    • Form ITQJ, Quality Jobs Tax Credit, now displays the correct "to" and "from" job locations. Prior to this update, if the jobs were being relocated, the locations were reversed. 
    • All ratios on Form ITRD, Research Tax Credit, will now have four decimal places instead of two.
    • The "Carry Forward from Prior Years Detail" link on GA screen ITFC will now function as expected.

Louisiana Update 2

  • Individual Package:
    • Form IT-540, Louisiana Resident return, has been activated for printing. 
    • The following forms have been updated and the watermark removed: 
      • LANRUET, Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Nonresidents
      • LA210R, Underpayment of Individual Income Tax Penalty
      • LA210NR, Underpayment of Individual Income Tax Penalty
      • LARESUET, Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Residents
      • LA540X, Resident Amended Return Information Sheet
      • LA540BX, Nonresident Amended Return Information Sheet
      • LAWKSXMT, Federal Tax Applicable to Exempt Income Worksheet
      • LARINS, Supplement Schedule for Refund of Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Assessment
    • The amount for subtraction code 25E, IRC 280C Wage Expense Adjustment, will now flow to LA worksheet NPRWK, Nonresident and Part-Year Resident Worksheet, when entered on LA screen NPR. 
    • e-File is now available for Individual extensions.
  • Corporation and S Corporation Packages:
    • e-File is now available.

Maryland Update 1

  • Individual Package:
    • An update prevents DKPARSE error for element “CityTownorTaxingArea.” 
    • The following forms have been updated to 2019 specifications:
      • 502 - Resident Income Tax Return
      • 502TP - Computation of Tax Preference Income
      • 502AC - Subtractions for Contribution of Artwork
      • 502UP - Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax by Individuals
      • 502B - Dependent's Information
      • 502V - Use of Vehicle for Charitable Purposes
      • 502CR - Income Tax Credits for Individual
      • 502X - Amended Tax Return
      • 502R - Retirement Income
      • 502SU - Subtractions from Income
      • 502S - Heritage Structure Rehabilitation Tax Credit
      • 505X - Nonresident Amended Tax Return
      • 505SU - Nonresident Subtractions from Income
      • 588 - Direct Deposit of Maryland Income Tax Refund to More Than One Account
      • PV - Payment voucher for Individual returns, estimated taxes, and extension
    • Forms 502 and MD 505 now have a Dependent Care tax credit. The credit is refundable for some filers.
    • The mileage rate for Form 502V has increased to 58 cents.
    • Form 502B now has a check box to indicate whether or not a dependent has health insurance coverage.
  • Corporation Package:
    • The following forms have been updated to 2019 specifications:
      • 500 - Corporation Income Tax Return
      • 500E - Application for Extension to file Corporation Income Tax Return
      • MDEL101B - Income Tax Declaration for Business Electronic Filing
      • 500DES - Corporation Declaration of Estimated Income Tax 
      • 500UP - Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax by Corporations and Pass-Through Entities
      • 500DM - Decoupling Modification
      • 500X - Amended Corporation Income Tax Return 
  • Partnership and S Corporation Packages:
    • The following forms have been updated to 2019 specifications:
      • 510 Schedule B - Pass-Through Entity Income Tax Return Members' Information
      • 510C - Composite Pass-Through Entity Income Tax Return
      • 510D - Pass-Through Entity Declaration of Estimated Income Tax
      • 510E - Application for Extension to File Pass-Through Entity Income Tax Return
      • 510 Schedule K-1 - Pass-Through Entity Members' Information 
  • Fiduciary Package:
    • The following forms have been updated to 2019 specifications:
      • 504CR - Business Income Tax Credits for Fiduciaries
      • 504NR - Fiduciary Nonresident Income Tax Calculation
      • 504D - Fiduciary Declaration of Estimated Income Tax
      • 504 Schedule K-1 - Fiduciary Beneficiary's Information
      • 504E - Application for Extension to file Fiduciary Income Tax Return
      • 504UP - Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax by Fiduciaries 
  • Important Changes for All Packages:
    • A new tax credit, Endowment for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), is now available in all packages. This credit can be taken on either the MD credit forms.: Form 502CR (Individual package), Form 504CR (Fiduciary package), or Form 500CR (business packages). The credit can be taken on only one of these forms.
    • Several credits have also expired.
  • Multiple Packages:
    • MD ES will continue to be displayed on the Calculation Results window following acceptance.

Michigan Update 4

  • Individual Package
    • Program updates prevent a parse error on 'Residency' when "PY" is selected from the "Resident State" drop list on federal screen 1 but no "Part Year" residency dates are entered on MI screen NR. 

Minnesota Update 3

  • Individual Package 
    • Return Notes have been updated to aid in preparation of returns that may qualify for Form M1WFC, Working Family Credit, based on age and income. The override field on MN screen WFC, Working Family Credit, will function as expected for taxpayers who meet the age and income requirements.

Oregon Update 5

  • Individual Package
    • EF Message 0046 will now be generated when political contribution credit amounts exceed what is allowed, based on AGI and return filing status. 
    • EF Message 0050 has been updated to aid in correcting OR nonresident returns when the Artist's Charitable Contribution has been entered on OR screen MOD rather than line 43 of OR screen 1. 
  • Individual and Partnership Packages:
    • EF Messages have been updated to prevent e-file of Forms OR-TM, Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District Self-Employment Tax, and OR-LTD, Lane County Mass Transit District Self-Employment Tax Returns, when more than one Schedule OR-TSE-AP, Oregon Transit Self-Employment Tax Apportionment, is included on the return. These returns must be paper-filed.
  • Estate Package:
    • The decedent's domicile, executor's name, ID, address, and the beneficiary's personal information will now be displayed, as expected, on Form OR-706, Oregon Estate Transfer Tax Return. 

South Carolina Update 3

  • Individual Package
    • SC e-file specifications have been updated to the latest version.

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