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16585: 2020.02.01 - Drake19 Updates

Drake19 Update Notes

2020.02.01 - Drake19 Updates


General Update 15

  • Page 2 of Form 5695, Residential Energy Credits, has been added to Setup > Pricing, item number 344 in the 1040 package.
  • The client organizer will now be processed as expected. Prior to this update, the Organizer window would be closed and the organizer would not be processed on certain returns.
  • A deceased taxpayer’s information will no longer be printed in the client letters produced in the client organizer. Prior to this update, if the date of death was in 2019 and was entered in the 2018 tax return, the letters contained the deceased taxpayer information. The organizer forms will continue to be produced with the deceased taxpayer’s information as their information may still be applicable to the 2019 tax return.

1040 Update 19

  • Page 2 of Schedules C, E, F for the Individual and Fiduciary proformas, and page 2 of Form 4835 in the Individual proforma, will now be printed, as expected. Prior to this update, page 2 was not printed if data for these pages did not exist in the prior-year return.
  • The ACA Health Care Coverage Questionnaire has been added to the New, Summary, and Comprehensive Organizers. The Health Care Coverage pages for preparer use only are now available in Blank Forms.
  • Form 9465, Installment Agreement Request, is no longer displayed on a separate line of the Calculation Results window when e-filed as part of a 1040 return.
  • An update prevents reject S1-F1040-120: "Schedule 1 (Form 1040), 'MovingExpenseAmt' must be equal to the sum of all Forms 3903, 'MovingDeductionAmt'." This reject occurred when "0" was entered in the "F" field of screen 3903. This update does not affect any calculations on the return.
  • The "Acquisition interest" fields have been removed from the second tab of screens K1P and K1S. Acquisition interest can be entered on screen E2.

General Update 5

  • Individual Package:
    • An issue causing the program to close prematurely in some situations when Forms 9465 or 56 were present has been resolved.

Alaska Update 3

  • Corporation and S Corporation Packages:
    • The following forms have been approved for printing:
      • Appendix A, Form 6000, Worksheet for Charitable Contribution Deduction Taxable Income for deduction limitation (Schedule K, line 8)
      • Appendix B, Form 6000, Worksheet for Dividends-Received Deduction (DRD).
      • Lines 7 and 10 of Appendix B, Form 6000, Worksheet for Dividends-Received Deduction (DRD) are now calculated per the Alaska Instructions.

Alabama Update 3

  • Individual Package:
    • Business rule reject AL40-444 has been resolved for returns requiring more than one page of Schedule CR, Credit for Taxes Paid to Other States, to be printed and transmitted. 
  • Corporation Package:
    • If Form KRCC-B, Recipient's Share of Capital Credit for Business Entities, is produced to claim Capital Credit when no other credit is entered, Schedule BC, Business Credits, will be generated, as intended.
  • Corporation, S Corporation, and Partnership Packages:
    • The following forms have been approved for printing by the AL DoR: 
      • Form 20S Schedule K-1 - Shareholder's Share of Income, Deductions and Credits
      • Schedule PC - Pass-Through Credits 
      • Schedule NRA - S-Corporation Nonresident Agreement
      • Form 20S - S-Corporation Information/Tax Return
      • Schedule PAB - Add-Back Form
      • Schedule OZ - Gains Invested in Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds
      • Form KRCC - Project/Distributing Entity Share of Capital Credit
      • Form KRCCB - Recipient's Share of Capital Credit for Business Entities, Including Trusts
      • Form 2220AL - Underpayment of Estimated Tax for Corporations
      • Schedule K-1 (Form 65) - Owner's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits
      • Schedule QIP-C - Qualified Investment Partnership Certification
      • Schedule NRC-EXEMPT - Subchapter K Affidavit of Exemption by Nonresident
      • Form PTE-R - Request for Relief of Composite Payment 
      • Schedule NRA-R - Composite Payment Relief Nonresident Agreement 
      • Form 41 - Fiduciary Income Tax Return 
      • Schedule K1 (Form 41) - Fiduciary Income Tax Beneficiary Information 
      • Schedule D (Form 41) - Schedule D-Profit or Loss from Sales of Assets 
      • Schedule E (Form 41) - Supplemental Income and Loss From Rental Real Estate, Royalties, Partnerships, S-Corporations, Estates, Trusts, etc.
      • Schedule ESBT - Electing Small Business Trust 
      • Schedule G (Form 41) - Grantor Statement of Income, Deductions, and Other Items
      • Schedule FC - Fiduciary Credits 
      • Form NOLF85 - Computation of Net Operating Loss
      • Form NOLF85A - Application of Net Operating Loss Carryback or Carryforward
      • Form 20C - Corporation Income Tax Return
      • Schedule AB - Add-Back Form
      • Schedule BC - Business Credits
      • Schedule B-1 - Alabama Net Operating Loss Carryforward Acquisitions
      • Form CPT - Business Privilege Tax Return and Annual Report
      • Schedule AL-CAR - Secretary of State Corporation Annual Report
      • Worksheet BPTNW - Balance Sheet - Net Worth Computation
      • Schedule G - Business Privilege Tax Financial Institution Group Computation Schedule

Colorado Update 6

  • Individual Package
    • All data elements needed to calculate line 20, "Total Income," of Form 104PN, Part-Year Resident/Nonresident Tax Calculation Schedule, will now be included. Prior to this update, line 6, "Capital gain or (loss) from federal Schedule D," from Forms 1040 or 1040-SR was excluded. 
    • Only local taxes, flowing from federal Schedule A, line 5a), will be printed on line b) of the State Income Tax Deduction Addback Worksheet (COWK_ID). Prior to this update, the amount on line b) also included state withholding.

Delaware Update 4

  • All Packages:
    • The following forms have been approved for printing by the DE DoR: 
      • Form 1801AC 0009, Application and Computation Schedule for Claiming Delaware Land & Historic Resource Conservation Tax Credits
      • Form 1811AC 0905, Computation Schedule for Claiming Delaware Historic Preservation Tax Credits, 
  • Fiduciary Package:
    • Delaware fiduciary returns have been approved for e-file.

Hawaii Update 2

  • Individual Package:
    • Three Child and Dependent Care Providers are now allowed in Part II, Section A, of Schedule X, Tax Credits for Hawaii Residents. This will prevent a parse error on 'MarriedPersonsFSInd'. 
    • An update resolves a parse error on 'Name' when only one name is entered on federal screen 2441 for a dependent care provider and the "EIN" check box is not selected.
    • A parse error on 'AddressLine1Txt' has been resolved when the address line on HI screen RENT contains invalid characters.
    • A truncated Tax Year End Date has been corrected on Form N-200, Individual Income Payment Voucher.
  • Corporation Package:
    • An EF Message is generated when the corporate title entered on HI screen O is not an exact match.
  • S Corporation Package:
    • The correct amount of depreciation from line 22 of Form HI-4562, Depreciation and Amortization, is now calculated for line 14 of Form N-35, S Corporation. 

Idaho Update 9

  • Fiduciary Package:
    • An amount in the override field of line 18, "Trust/Estate income," in the "Idaho Apportioned" column of ID screens K1C and K1R, ("ID-K1 Screen 2" tab), now flows to the "Idaho Apportioned" column of Form ID K-1 Schedule Partner's, Shareholder's or Beneficiary's Share of Idaho Adjustments, Credits, etc. Prior to this update, the override amount flowed to the "Federal" column instead.

Minnesota Update 5

  • Individual Package:
    • Amounts entered in the override field on line 32, "Military pension or other retirement military pay," of MN screen M, Additions and Subtractions, will now flow to line 32 of the form, as expected. 
    • The parse error for the element 'IRS1040Schedule1' has been resolved when filing only Form M1PR.
    • Due dates and payment amounts will now be printed on payment vouchers and estimated payment vouchers.
    • Schedule M15, Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax, and Form M15C, Additional Charge for Underpayment of Estimated Tax, have been updated to make calculations based on 366 days and at 5% to help prevent rejects 292,512,167,273 and 105.
    • MN Schedule M1CAT, Casualty and Theft, will now be produced when federal Form 4684 is for a federally declared disaster.
    • MN screen WFC, Working Family Credit, has been updated to allow preparers to calculate line 1 of Schedule M1WFC for returns that do not qualify for federal EIC but may qualify for the Working Family Credit based on the expanded AGI and age limits set by MN. Return Notes for this calculation have also been updated. 
    • Form M1, Individual Income Tax, will no longer give the standard deduction to nonresident aliens unless allowed under a U.S. income tax treaty.
    • Amounts entered on MN screen ADJ, Adjustments to Household Income, line 5, "Additional nontaxable income," will now flow Schedule M1PR-AI, Additions to Income, along with the descriptions entered.
  • Fiduciary Package:
    • Only one copy of page 3 of Form M2, Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts, will be printed when no beneficiaries are entered in federal screens.

Missouri Update 7

  • Fiduciary Package:
    • MO Form 5802, Federal Income Tax Deduction, will now be generated with every return to prevent the following parse error: "The element 'ReturnDataState' in namespace has incomplete content. List of possible elements expected: 'SchMO5802' in namespace."
  • Individual Package:
    • The MO Department of Revenue confirmed that MO worksheet A, page 4, "Social Security Deduction," is available for nonresidents with non-Missouri source Social Security income. This deduction is now allowed and its related Return Notes will be suppressed. 
    • The following forms have been approved for paper-file: 
      • MO 1040, 2019 Individual Income Tax Return - Long Form
      • MO 1040A, 2019 Individual Income Tax Return - Single/Married (one income)
  • Individual Package:
    • Kansas City - e-File updates ensures the spouse's return is transmitted when only the spouse's Form RD109, Wage Earner Return, is filed. 

Montana Update 10

  • Corporation Package:
    • The text of EF Message 1118 has been updated and expanded, and the message now prevents e-file when Schedule M information is missing, when Form CIT, Part III, questions "o" and "p" on MT screen 1 are answered "Yes," and none of the Schedule M - Affiliated Entities screens has been completed.

New Hampshire Update 3

  • Corporation, S Corporation, Partnership, and Fiduciary packages:
    • The TIN will now flow from the BT-Summary to Form DP-100, Report of Address Change and not from the federal tax return.
  • All Packages:
    • The following forms have been updated for the current year:
      • DP-87 ID, Report of Change for IRS Adjustment Only
      • DP-87 CORP, Report of Change for IRS Adjustment Only
      • DP-87 FID, Report of Change for IRS Adjustment Only
      • DP-87 PROP, Report of Change for IRS Adjustment Only
      • DP-87 PART, Report of Change for IRS Adjustment Only

Ohio Update 7

  • Individual Package:
    • An issue that caused OH EF Message 0185 to be generated inadvertently was resolved. EF Message 0185 is now generated only when Form SD 100, School District Income Tax Return, is generated for a nontaxing school district.

Rhode Island Update 3

  • Individual, Corporation, S Corporation, and Partnership Packages:
    • The following forms have been approved for printing:
      • Form RI-1065V, Rhode Island Corporation Tax Payment Voucher
      • Form RI-2441. Adult and Child Day Care Assistance and Development Tax Credit
      • Form RI-2874, Employer's Apprenticeship Credit
      • Form RI-2949, Jobs Training Tax Credit
      • Form RI-7695E, Research and Development Expense Credit
      • Form RI-5009, Educational Assistance and Development
  • Corporation, S Corporation, and Partnership Packages:
    • A "Final Return" indicator has been added to RI screen 1 in the business packages so that the RI return can be marked as a final return even when the federal return is not.

Utah Update 5

  • Partnership Package:
    • An update prevents UT reject 65_19_35 when the screen APPT, Multi-State Apportionment, contains data but is incomplete. An EF Message has been added to assist. 

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