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16589: 2020.02.04 - Drake19 Updates

Drake19 Update Notes

2020.02.04 - Drake19 Updates


General Update 16

  • General program update.

1040 Update 20

  • Form 5695, Part 2, Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit, is now available in the program
  • Form 8917, Tuition and Fees Deduction, is now available in the program.
  • Returns containing a mortgage insurance premium deduction on Schedule A, line 8d, can now be e-filed.
  • An update prevents the program from closing inadvertently when making multiple elections for the Qualified Business Income real estate safe harbor.
  • A Charitable Deduction Carryover Worksheet will now be produced in all cases when there is a carryover to the following year. Prior to this update, the worksheet was omitted if the only carryover amount was a contribution of 30% limit capital gain property.

1041 Update 14

  • Page 2 of Schedules C, E, F for the Individual and Fiduciary proformas, and page 2 of Form 4835 in the Individual proforma, will now be printed, as expected. Prior to this update, page 2 was not printed if data for these pages did not exist in the prior-year return.
  • The "Acquisition interest" fields have been removed from the second tab of screens K1P and K1S. Acquisition interest can be entered on screen E2.

California Update 8

  • Individual Package:
    • Program updates ensure that Schedule CA, page 2, line 8b, will now reflect the correct amount of federal Home Mortgage interest.
    • Program changes prevent rejects "SCHCA/NR-180" and "SCHCA/NR-210" when the option to force standard deduction is selected on CA screen ITEM and there is data on line 8d of Schedule CA.
    • Updated EF Messages prevent a parse error for element "'Paymentinformation' having invalid child" when the state payment amount is overridden to "0" on federal screen PMT.
    • Program updates prevent reject SCHCANR-068 when a subtraction is entered on CA screen CA for line 22, "Other Adjustments."
    • Program updates prevent a parse error for element 'YoungChilTaxCredit' being invalid when no Young Child Tax Credit is included on the return.
    • Program updates ensure that Form 3801, page 2, "Schedule E activities" picks up the correct amount of federal income for activities reported on federal screen E, with the "Other passive (B)" check box selected and prior unallowed passive operating loss reported for the activity.
  • Corporation, S Corporation, and Partnership Packages:
    • EF Message 0140, concerning Schedule R, has been updated to allow returns with no values on line 1a of Schedule R-1 to be e-filed.
  • Multiple Packages:
    • Program updates prevent a parse error for element 'RealizedGainOrLoss' having incomplete content when Form 3840 is included in the return, and line 20 of Form 3840 is blank.
    • Program updates prevent a parse error for element 'PropertyReceived" having incomplete content when Form 3840 is included in the return and no Fair Market Value is entered for "received property" on CA screen 3840.
    • CA screen NOL1 has been added to allow entry of the type of entity that incurred the NOL, and if the NOL was incurred under a different business name and ID.

Iowa Update 4

  • Individual Package:
    • Iowa EF Messages 0055 and 0177 will no longer be produced unless there is a negative value line 2 or 3 of Form IA 1040, Individual Income Tax Return.
    • Corporation, S Corporation, Partnership, Fiduciary, and Estate Packages:
    • The correct period ending date will now be displayed on Form IA 1040V, Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher, for 1040C composite returns for nonresidents.

Maryland Update 3

  • Individual Package:
    • The preparer's name now flows to the correct field in the signature section on page 4 of Form MD 502, Resident Income Tax Return.
    • When preparing Forms MD 502X and 505X amended returns, the autofill function no longer sends data to the wrong lines of the forms.
    • A parse error occurring in the "CityTownTaxingArea" element when the taxing area is "Pocomoke City" or "La Vale" has been resolved.
    • Rejects "Form502V-60520-010" and "Form502V-60529-010" no longer occur when Form MD 502V, Use of Vehicles for Charitable Purposes, is e-filed.
    • EF Message 0240 now prevents e-file when a full date of birth is not provided on federal screen 2.

Michigan Update 10

  • Individual Package
    • e-File specifications for MI Individual returns have been updated.
    • Form MI-1040CR-7, Michigan Home Heating Credit Claim, has been approved and can now be printed.

Nebraska Update 6

  • The following forms have been approved for printing:
    • Individual Package:
      • Nebraska E-file Opt Out Record for Individuals
    • Corporation Package:
      • 1120N, Nebraska Corporation Income Tax Return
      • 1120N Schedules A and l,Nebraska Schedule A - Adjustments to FTI
      • 1120N Schedule ll Nebraska Sch ll, Nebraska Schedule ll Foreign Dividend and Special Foreign Tax Credit Deduction
      • 1120N Schedule lll- Nebraska Schedule lll-Subsidiary or Affiliated Corporations
      • 1120N Schedule IV, Nebraska Schedule IV Converting Net Income to Combined Net Income to Combined Net Income
      • Nebraska Corporation Net Operating Loss Worksheet
      • 1120-V Nebraska Corporation Income Tax Payment Voucher
      • 1120XN Amended Nebraska Corporation Income Tax Return pages 1 and 2
      • 4466N Corporation Application for Adjustment of Overpayment of Estimated Income Tax
      • 1120N-ES Nebraska Corporation Estimated Income Tax Payment Voucher 1,2,3,4
      • 1120N-ES 2020 Worksheet, Nebraska Corporation Estimated Income Tax Worksheet
      • 2220N 2019, Corporation Underpayment of Estimated Tax
    • Fiduciary Package:
      • 1041N ESBT Worksheet, Electing Small Business Trust (ESBT) Tax Calculation Worksheet
  • Fiduciary Package:
    • Form 1041N, ESBT Worksheet, Electing Small Business Trust (ESBT) Tax Calculation Worksheet, line 11, is now using the 2019 Nebraska Tax Rate Schedule for Fiduciary Income Tax Return, found on page 8 of the 2019 1041 Tax Booklet.
  • Corporation Package:
    • Field help for line C of NE screen GEN includes updated information provided in the Form 1120N Instruction Manual. A Return Note will also be generated when applicable.
    • EF Message 0217 has been updated: "NENOLC Invalid Entry: 'On Nebraska Corporation Net Operating Loss Worksheet, an NOL incurred in Tax Years beginning prior to January 1, 2014, may only be carried forward for a maximum period of five years. Please review data entry and increase the Expired amount for any year prior to that date so that the NOL carryforward available for that year is zero.'"

New York Update 9

  • Individual Package
    • An update prevents e-file reject R0369, IT-215 Line 21 not = IT-203-ATT Line 31.
    • Federal e-file message page 5225, 1040X is ineligible for e-file, will no longer prevent NY individual amended returns from being e-filed.
  • Corporation Package:
    • The following forms have been approved for e-file by the New York City Department of Finance:
      • NYC-2, Business Corporation Tax Return 
      • NYC-2S, Business Corporation Tax Return
      • NYC-EXT, Application For Automatic Extension of Time to File Business Income Tax Returns
      • NYC-EXT.1, Application For Additional Extension 
    • Corporation and S Corporation Packages:
      • CT-225, New York State Modifications 
      • CT-3.1, Investment and Other Exempt Income And Investment Capital

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