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16622: 1065 - Unverified Field Message Partnership Representative

1065 Partnership

How do I clear this EF message about an unverified field on the Schedule B (2)? I don't see any green fields in data entry.


If you updated a 2018 partnership return to Drake19 prior to January 10th, 2020, you may receive a message about verifying data on the B screen. A patch was released on January 10th to prevent this message for returns updated after the patch:

"An "Unverified Fields" EF Message will no longer be produced for a missing EIN/SSN when the partnership’s entity information is updated from 2018 (Last Year Data > Update Clients 2018 to 2019) and data exists in the “Designation of Partnership Representative” section of screen B (“Schedule B cont.” tab) in 2018." 

In 2018, the EIN/SSN of the Partnership Representative was required. The IRS has removed the requirement for this field for 2019, however, returns updated prior to January 10th had the field flagged to be verified upon update. The data entry field SSN/EIN of PR is no longer visible in data entry, so to clear the message, follow these steps: 

  • Open the partnership return in data entry.
  • Go to the B screen on the General tab. 
  • Click on the Schedule B, cont. tab. 
  • Right click and choose Clear Flags on this screen or use the keyboard combination CTRL + Shift+ Space


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