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16656: 2020.03.21 - Drake19 Updates

Drake19 Update Notes

2020.03.21 - Drake19 Updates


Iowa Update 12

  • Individual Package:
    • "J" (for "joint" return) will now be printed on Form IA 1040 Schedule B, Interest and Dividend Income, when "J" is "forced" (Ctrl+F) into the "TS" drop list on federal screen K1S, preventing the following parse errors:
      • "Error(251,7):The element 'Received'.
      • "Error(304,7):The element 'Received'.
    • A blank Form IA 4562A, Iowa Depreciation Adjustment Schedule, will no longer be printed for the spouse, and EF Message 0007 prevents the following parse error: "Error(159,8):The element 'FormIA4562A'.
    • Nominee dividends will now be subtracted from "Total Dividends" on IA Schedule B, Interest and Dividend Income.
  • Corporation Package:
    • EF Message 0097 now prevents the following parse error on "Tax Period Applied To" column of IA Schedules F and G: "Error(174,40): The elemnet TaxPeriodAppliedTo. 

Idaho Update 15

  • Individual Package:
    • The Grocery Credit on line 63 of Form 43, Part-Year Resident and Nonresident Income Tax Return, will now be treated as a non-refundable credit to part- ear residents.

Michigan Update 19

  • Individual Package:
    • Form MI-2210, 2019 Michigan Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax, will now be calculated automatically, when applicable.
    •  The error, "Unable to find entry for MI, MI1040x...," generated when a MI amended return is selected for e-file from the EF Return Selector (EF > Select Returns for EF), has been resolved.
    • An EF message will now be generated when a negative amount of alimony income has been entered on line 8 of MI screen 5049, preventing a parse error on 'Amount.'
  • Fiduciary Package:
    • The amount on Schedule 3, line 42, column C, of Form MI-1041, 2019 Michigan Fiduciary Income Tax Return, will now be totaled correctly in all scenarios. Prior to this update, on some returns, rounding could cause this amount to be incorrect.
    • EF messages have been updated to prevent rejects 208 and 272. 

Montana Update 21

  • Partnership and S Corporation Packages:
    • EF Message 0089 will now be generated when a withholding election for second-tier pass-through entities on MT Schedule K-1 is missing, preventing reject FormPTE-K1-E2, "Pass-Through withholding is zero. Withholding is required on all second-tier pass-through entities."
    • If a partner or shareholder type is "Disregarded Entity," "Domestic 2nd Tier Pass Through Entity," "Partnership,"
    • "S Corporation," or "Tax-Exempt Entity," and no withholding is selected, when the distributive share of MT income is $1,000 or more, the EF Messages will be generated.
    • EF Message 0092 prevents the following parse error for missing "Disregarded Entity Name" or "Disregarded Entity FEIN" in MT screen DE: "The element 'ScheduleDE'.
  • Partnership Package:
    • MT Schedule K-1 (PTE), has been updated to prevent a parse error when "Individual" is typed in data entry instead of using the "Partner Type" drop list on line I1 on federal screen K1. This will prevent the parse error: "The element 'Part2'
    • Guaranteed payment amounts now flows to the expected partner on MT Schedule K-1 (PTE) line 4, "Guaranteed payments."

North Dakota Update 15

  • Individual Package:
    • The credit for Schedule ND1-PSC, Nonprofit Private School Tax Credit for Individuals, will now be calculated when data is entered in only Part 2, "Qualified High School," or Part 3, "Qualified College," of ND screen PSC.
  • Fiduciary Package:
    • A programming update prevents ND reject F38-006, "Error Message: 'Composite income tax on Form 38, line 6 must equal the sum of all composite tax provided on Line 4 on Schedule(s) BI.'"
    • A programming update prevents ND reject FSCHBI, "Error Message: 'The sum of composite income tax claimed on Line 35 for all North Dakota Schedules K-1 must equal the sum of Line 4 on Schedule(s) BI.'"

Ohio Update 18

  • Individual Package:
    • Part C, columns H, I, and J, will no longer be limited to "0" (zero) on Columbus Form IR-25, City Income Tax Return.
    • Columbus Form IR-25, City Income Tax Return for Individuals, will no longer be generated if Brice, Canal Winchester, Groveport, Harrisburg, Marble Cliff, or Obetz is listed as the resident city. 
    • An update prevents RITA reject F37-SECTA-131. - The client results letter will now include the amount of overpayment applied to estimates in the "Estimates" paragraph.

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