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16682: Form 3921 - Exercise of an Incentive Stock Option

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Where do I report Form 3921 - Exercise of an Incentive Stock Option (ISO) Under Section 422(b)?


In Drake Tax, there is no specific data entry screen for Form 3921. A preparer must determine if an entry is needed based on the facts of the transfer. For regular tax purposes, Form 3921 is generally informational and the document should be retained for record keeping purposes.

If stock acquired through an ISO is sold or otherwise disposed of, the information on Form 3921 may be used to figure the basis for the gain or loss of the sale or disposition. If the taxpayer is subject to AMT, an entry in the 6251 screen > field 2i Exercise of incentive stock options, may be necessary. Review field help and the 6251 Instructions before making an entry. 

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