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16760: 2020.05.21 Broadcast - SecureFilePro Gets a New Name

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2020.05.21 Broadcast - SecureFileProTM Gets a New Name


SecureFileProTM Gets a New Name

Dear Customer,

SecureFileProTM is our online portals product that many of you use to exchange files with your clients. Starting this summer, we will begin referring to this product as Drake Portals to more clearly tie it to the Drake Software product suite and to align the name more closely with its purpose.

We will continue to use the web domain for hosting portals; your portal website (e.g. will not change.

Whether you see Drake Portals or SecureFileProTM on our website, or in promotions or emails, know that we are referring to the same product.


Drake Portals (SecureFileProTM) Product Team

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