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16763: Configuring an Antivirus (DAS)

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Drake Accounting®: What do I do if my antivirus is interfering with my program?  


An antivirus software may erroneously identify a Drake Accounting® file as a threat. This is often referred to as a “false positive.” An antivirus (AV) program installed on your computer usually loads at startup and runs in the background. The AV program examines files and registry entries to identify malicious software. The best practice would be to exclude the entire Drake Accounting® folder, but some antivirus programs do not allow this, resulting in each file within a folder needing to be excluded individually. 

If an antivirus program will not allow you to exclude an entire folder, the following Drake Accounting® files should be excluded:

  1. Exclude the  following “.exe” files in the main Drake Accounting® folder (substitute YY for the year of DAS):
    • DrakeAccounting20YY.exe
    • DrakeAccounting20YY.exe.config
    • Updater.exe
  2. Exclude all of the “.dll” files in the following folders:
    • dll
    • x86
    • x64

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