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16812: Email Setup and AT&T Secure Mail Key


Can I set up my AT&T email to work in Drake Tax?


Yes, you can set up an AT&T email in Drake Tax, however, you must first enable a 16-character secure mail key in your AT&T account. This will be used instead of your regular AT&T password when accessing your AT&T email through Drake Tax.

The following process can also be used to connect an SBCGlobal account. Note that in Drake20, you will choose AT&T in step 14, however, in Drake19 and prior you will need to choose SBCGlobal.Net. 

To create your secure mail key, complete the following steps on your AT&T account: 

  1. From your web browser, go to
  2. At the top right, select Account > Sign in
  3. Enter your AT&T user ID and password and click Sign In
  4. Go to Manage Profile.
  5. Select Sign-in info
  6. Choose the email address.
  7. On the Sign-in info options screen, locate and select Manage secure mail keys.
  8. Click Add secure mail key
  9. Enter a nickname for this particular secure mail key (example: Drake Tax). Click Create secure mail key.
  10. Your new secure mail key is shown. Here you can choose to copy secure mail key to clipboard, however, you will also want to write this down for use in setting up your email in Drake Tax. Click OK
  11. Your new secure mail key is now saved to your AT&T account. 
  12. Minimize your browser.
  13. Open Drake Tax and go to Help > Email > Setup > Accounts > Add Account.
  14. Select AT&T as the Account Type and click OK
  15. Enter your account information.
  16. In the Password field, enter the special 16-character secure mail key instead of your regular AT&T password.  
  17. Click Test Settings to ensure that the information is entered correctly.
  18. Click OK and then Save
  19. You can now send emails from your AT&T account through Drake Tax. 

Note: If you do not remember the special password and need to allow access for a second installation of Drake Tax, you must create a new secure mail key. 

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