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16814: OR - Workers' Benefit Fund (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: How do I set up the Oregon Workers' Benefit Fund?


To set up the Oregon Workers' Benefit Fund, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure the appropriate rate is entered under Firm > Rates & Withholding Setup > State Setup
  2. Go to Employees > Deductions & Benefits.
  3. On the Deductions tab, click on the   to create a new deduction.
  4. Fill out applicable information.
    • For the WH. Code, select Workers Benefit Fund.
    • Be sure that everything with a  is completed.
  5. Once all needed information is filled out, click Save
  6. Assign the deduction to applicable employees under Employee Setup and complete payroll. 

This allows it to show on the Tax Liability report and the OR OQ OQSB form. For more information, review the website page. 


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