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16815: PA - Multiple Federal Schedules Single BIRT or NPT (Drake20)


I need to file a Philadelphia BIRT or NPT for multiple Federal income schedules under a single account number with all the income combined. How do I do this in Drake Tax? 


The following information applies to Drake20.  

You can consolidate several Federal income schedules into a single Philadelphia BIRT (Business Income and Receipts Tax) or NPT (Net Profits Tax) report with the following entries.

  1. Enter the same number (“1” for example) on the following Federal screen(s), as applicable:
    • Federal Schedule C screen > Carryovers/State Info tab > LLC# field
    • Federal Schedule F screen > Carryovers/State Info tab > LLC# field
    • Federal Schedule E screen > The LLC# field located towards the bottom right hand corner

Note – The LLC# box on the K1P, K1F, or K1S screen should not be used to tie a K1P, K1S, or K1F to the BIRT or NPT as it should have filed at the entity level. Trying to file a BIRT or NPT for a K1 would result in a double tax payment on the same income.

  1. Enter the matching LLC # on the top left corner of the follow Philadelphia screens:
    1. NPT, Net Profits Tax – Main Form
    2. BIRT, Bus Income and Receipts Tax – Main Form

Matching LLC# on the Philadelphia NPT and BIRT and their related Federal screens permits several schedules to be filed under one Philadelphia account # and one report – saving considerable time and effort. 

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