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16828: Hosting on Right Networks - Initial Activation


Hosting on Right Networks: How do I activate and configure my Right Networks account?


AppHub contains all your account information for your Right Networks Hosting account. This website allows you to view account information, add, remove, or edit users, update billing information, and install applications for your Right Networks Hosting profile. This article discusses the initial setup that is required for the Account Owner (hereafter referred to as you) when your Right Networks Hosting is established. 

During the initial on-boarding process, you will receive an email with a link to activate the initial account. The initial email will look like this: 

Click the link Activate Your Account. A web page will open and you are prompted to enter your username (email address) and select a Right Networks password. This password will be used for both the AppHub portal and your login to the Right Networks desktop. 

Password requirements are as follows:

  • Be at least 12 characters
  • Contain at least three of the following: 
    • Uppercase character (A-Z)
    • Lowercase character (a-z)
    • Numbers (0-9)
    • Symbols
  • The password cannot contain repetitive sequences (such as 12345, 11111, QWERTY, etc.) or "context-specific" words like your email address, "my account," and "Right Networks."

Be sure to bookmark for later access. 

 You will be logged in to your Right Networks AppHub. Five steps are needed to complete the initial setup of your Right Networks profile. 

  1. Welcome
  2. Add Licenses
  3. Setup Owner
  4. Add Users & Assign Packages
  5. Finished

1. The first step shows what packages have already been purchased for your account. Click Next to continue. 

2. Step two allows you to add your existing QuickBooks license to your Right Networks account.

  • If you do not use QuickBooks, click Next.
  • If you do plan on using QuickBooks in your Right Networks desktop, click Add License to enter your license information
    • Note: QuickBooks is purchased separately from Intuit and is not supported by Drake Software. This step simply allows you to utilize your QuickBooks license on the Right Networks desktop. If you will be using QB in the Right Networks Desktop, you will have to choose an Accounting Add-on in the next step. 

3. This next step allows you to confirm the packages and add-ons that will be used for your Right Networks account. Leave the selection on Drake Software and click Next

  • The next window allows you to select Add-on programs, like Foxit PhantomPDFTM Business, and Accounting Add-ons (including QuickBooks). Note that you do not need to purchase an Accounting Add-on in order to use Drake Accounting in your Right Networks desktop; it is included in the Drake Software Package. 
  • If needed, click Add on the desired Add-on product. When you have finished making your selections, click Next

4. Step four allows you to set up additional users and assign packages to those users. Your name will be displayed in the list of users. Click Add User to set up additional users (preparers or office staff) who will need access to AppHub and/or the Right Networks Desktop. See Related Links below for more information on user roles. You can also set up users at a later date through your AppHub portal. When ready, click Next

5. The final step shows a summary of the items discussed above. Click Continue To My Account to proceed. The setup wizard will show (see Related Links for details on the Windows or Mac process). You can also access this later from your AppHub portal. 

More information about AppHub can be found in Related Links below. Now that your Right Networks AppHub has been activated, you can download the setup wizard to finish setting up your computer to access the Right Networks Desktop. Steps vary depending on whether you are a Mac or Windows user. See Related Links below for the full setup process.

The username (your email address) and password that you chose for your AppHub login above will be used during the setup wizard process. 

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