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16833: Hosting on Right Networks - Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting Generally

Hosting on Right Networks: Review the following frequently asked questions regarding licensing, hosting fees, system requirements, storage, programs, and updates. 


Is the price of the annual License Agreement covered in the hosting on Right Networks price?

The Drake Tax software license must be purchased separately; the hosting fee does not include the annual software license fee. Other details and the Account Setup Request form are available on the Drake Software Website > Products > Hosting Solution.

In order to signup for hosting on Right Networks, you have to be a current Drake Software client with an active license agreement on file. If you need to purchase Drake Software you can buy or renew your software on the website. If you are ready to purchase Hosting on Right Networks, log in to the Drake Support Website and click the blue link on the Home page:

How much does it cost to use hosting on Right Networks? 

The hosting fee is $99 per month, per user.

  • At this time, an annual payment option is not available. In order to make the service available as soon as possible, we have launched with the monthly payment option only.
  • If you cancel within 30 days, you will receive a refund of the amount paid, less a $50 cancellation fee.
    • There is no trial or demo of Hosting on Right Networks available. 
  • Discounts are available for accounts with 10 or more users. 
  • Each subscriber must maintain at least one active user subscription at all times.

What are the system requirements for hosting on Right Networks?

The system requirements are as follows:


  • Microsoft RDP Client 8.0 or higher 
  • Internet: Broadband or equivalent high speed internet.
    • Satellite internet is not recommended.
    • Outbound port 3389 must be open.
  • OS: Windows 8.1 or later (Windows 8.1, 10, and 11).
  • Display: 1280×1024, or greater, recommended.

Mac OS X

  • Microsoft RDP Client 10.0 or higher.
  • Internet: Broadband or equivalent high-speed internet.
    • Satellite internet is not recommended, due to the high level of latency the connections experience.
    • Outbound port 3389 must be open.
  • OS: OS version 10.14 or newer
  • Display: 1280×1024, or greater, recommended. 

How much storage is included with my desktop? Are there fees if I go over the included amount?

Your hosting fee includes 40GB of storage, per user, on the Right Networks Desktop. For example, if you have two users, each with a hosting package, you will have 80GB available.

Overages are charged a fee of $1 per GB over the 40GB/user. 

You can decrease your storage by removing excess data and Drake Documents files, backups, or unneeded programs from your account. Remember to make a local backup of your data before removing the program from your Right Networks Desktop.

If you use Drake Accounting, review the "Decreasing Storage & the Overwrite Forms Option" article in Related Links below for additional tips. 

What years of Drake Tax and Drake Accounting are available? 

Drake Tax

When you sign up for hosting on Right Networks, the current year and two prior years of the tax program will automatically be available on your Right Networks Desktop. Once the new year of Drake Tax is released in early December, it will be added to your Right Networks Desktop. Certain prior years of Drake Tax are available for installation*. 

The following years of Drake Tax are currently available in Right Networks:

  • 2022
  • 2021 
  • 2020
  • 2019
  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015

Drake Accounting

When you sign up for hosting on Right Networks, Drake Accounting will not automatically be available on your Right Networks Desktop, however, you can easily install available years of DAS from your AppHub (previously called the My Account) portal. For more information about Installing Applications, see Related Links below. The following years of DAS are currently available in Right Networks*:

  • 2023 
  • 2022 
  • 2021 
  • 2020
  • 2019
  • 2018

Important Notes:

  • Availability is subject to the actual release date of the software program(s).
  • Installation of additional applications will increase the amount of storage space used. 
  • *Use of current and prior year versions of Drake Tax and Drake Accounting are subject to the restrictions of each licensing agreement.
  • Additional licenses may be required to activate and use the software.
  • Pay-Per-Return (PPR) customers do not have access to Drake Accounting, unless the license is purchased separately.  
  • Serial numbers for any licensed versions are available by logging in to the Drake Software Support Website > Account > Serial numbers.

Are updates applied automatically? 

Drake Tax

Updates must be installed by the end-user when available (upon launch of Drake Tax). 

Drake Accounting

After the first shipment of each season (around December), that new current year program will be updated nightly through the entire season and up until the release of next year’s software - around December the following year. Prior-year programs will be updated as follows:

  • Prior-year: weekly
  • Two-years prior: monthly
  • Three-years prior: annually

Any urgent software updates will be applied as soon as possible, regardless of the version.

Drake Accounting will automatically install any available updates when the program is started. They can also be installed manually from Tools > Install Program Updates.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What printers, scanners, card readers, and other peripheral devices will be supported?

  • Right Networks has experience with a wide range of peripheral devices over its 18-year history; they have pre-qualified most of the peripherals that our customers use. If requests arise to support new peripherals that are not currently supported, Right Networks will perform a qualification process to determine if the peripheral can be supported. 

Who do I call for support on Right Networks? 

  • You will call Drake Support when you need assistance with your hosting on Right Networks, or have billing questions related to the service. The Drake Support team will also walk you through the on-boarding process.
  • Email:
  • Phone: (828) 349-5556

What other applications are available on the Right Networks Desktop?

  • In addition to QuickBooks Desktop, Right Networks has other applications to choose from; please note that additional subscription fees for these applications may apply. For more information and to schedule an appointment to talk to a Right Networks representative, complete the request form available online.

What e-signature options are available in Hosting on Right Networks? 

  • Select Topaz and Scriptel signature pad models are supported in the Right Networks Desktop.  
  • Drake e-Sign Online through Drake Portals SFP is integrated into Drake Tax and functions within the Right Networks Desktop. 
  • Foxit PhantomPDF Business, available for an additional fee, supports e-signatures via DocuSign. You must have an active DocuSign subscription to use that feature. For assistance with your DocuSign license, contact DocuSign at (800) 379-9973. For issues with Foxit in general, contact Foxit at (866) 693-6948. For details on changing your default PDF viewer program, see Related Links below. 

Can I use GruntWorx in Hosting on Right Networks? 

  • Yes, GruntWorx is integrated with Drake. Organize Lite, Organize, and Populate jobs are able to be submitted and retrieved with no additional steps. GruntWorx Trades, however, does require the use of Microsoft Excel to import a trades jobs into Drake Tax.
  • If you have an existing Microsoft Office 365 license, it can be used within Right Networks for no additional fee. Ask about the bring-your-own Microsoft Office 365 license during your Hosting on Right Networks on-boarding. Compatible packages include:
    • Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise
    • Microsoft 365 Business Premium
    • Microsoft 365 E3
    • Microsoft 365 E5
  • An eligible Microsoft license can also be purchased from Right Networks directly at (888) 417-4448, extension 1, then extension 3.

Can I use Tic, Tie, CalculateTM in Hosting on Right Networks? 

  • No, Tic, Tie, CalculateTM requires the full version of Adobe Acrobat, which is not available in the Right Networks Desktop. See Related Links below for more information about TTC.

Is Drake Hosted still available? 

  • Hosting on Right Networks is our new hosting option and we chose Right Networks because of all the extra value you will receive from partnering with both Drake and Right Networks. In addition, Right Networks long-standing experience in the accounting industry of hosting applications at scale made this a great opportunity for our clients. Drake Hosted is no longer available. 

Does this new service use the Citrix Receiver or Citrix Workspace App? 

  • No, this new hosted service does not utilize the Citrix Receiver or Workspace App.
  • While the user experience of the two solutions may be slightly different, the performance of the service and use of applications on the service should be equivalent and, in some cases, better.   
  • The Right Networks platform and their patented HyperRightTM technology is industry leading in performance, availability and security for Accountants and Accounting firms.
  • The platform is built around Microsoft RDS (Remote Desktop Services) and includes automation, redundancy, fail-over, monitoring and alerting that combine to deliver the best up-time possible. They partner closely with Microsoft and are the largest RDS service provider in the world.

Is this service on Drake equipment or Right Networks' equipment? 

  • Right Networks' equipment.

QuickBooks Integration: 

Will QuickBooks be available? 

  • Right Networks is the leading provider of cloud-hosted QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) and it will be available for purchase through them after you subscribe to your Right Networks hosting solution through Drake and are onboarded.
  • Right Networks will add your cloud-hosted QuickBooks Desktop license(s) to your subscription and you will be able to access both from the same location.
  • Right Networks sells and supports the current year plus the two previous years, adhering to Intuit’s product policy. Currently, the 2018, 2019 and 2020 versions are available (Pro, Premium, Premium Accountant). They also offer a “Bring your own license (BYOL)” option.
  • To access more information and schedule an appointment to talk to a Right Networks representative, complete the request form available online.

Can I collaborate with my small business clients through Right Networks QuickBooks Desktop hosting (RN QBD)? 

  • Yes. This is a key benefit with Right Networks cloud-hosting for QuickBooks Desktop.  You can provide your clients a user license for your Right Networks hosting services and collaborate with that client in real-time, in the same QuickBooks Desktop file, remotely.

Will I call Drake for help with QuickBooks Desktop hosting? 

  • Right Networks will provide the support for any hosting questions related to the applications purchased directly from Right Networks, such as QuickBooks Desktop. The number is (888) 417-4448, extension 2.

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