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16837: 2020.07.29 - Drake19 Updates

Drake19 Update Notes

2020.07.29 - Drake19 Updates


Arizona Update 44

  • Individual Package:
    • Updated 2020 codes for Forms AZ-321, Credit for Contributions to Qualifying Charitable Organizations, and AZ-352, Credit for Contributions to Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organizations.
  • S Corporation Package:
    • An EF Message is now produced when "NO" is entered in the "State" drop list on federal screen K1, preventing parse error 'StateAbbreviationcd."
    • An EF Message prevents AZ Form 120S, page 2, Schedule A, "Apportionment Formula," from having invalid or incomplete entries.
  • Partnership Package:
    • Lines A1, "Total federal depreciation," and B1, "Recalculated Arizona depreciation," on Form AZ-165, Arizona Partnership Income Tax Return, no longer allow negative numbers.
    • An update prevents parse error element 'ProvinceorStateNm.'
  • Corporation Package:
    • EF Message 125 is produced when there is an amount in Schedule E, "Apportionment Formula," Column A, "Total Within Arizona," line E3 d, "Total sales and other gross receipts," of Form 120, Arizona Corporation Income Tax Return, and no corresponding amount in Column B, "Total Everywhere," preventing parse error "Sales Fact."

Indiana Update 16

  • Corporation Package 
    • Form IT-20, Indiana Corporate Adjusted Gross Income Tax Return, is now available for e-file.
    • Form IT-6, Indiana Corporate Estimate Voucher, has been updated and is now available using federal screen ES.

Maryland Update 20

  • Corporation Package:
    • The "special apportionment" check box on page 4 of Form 500, Corporation Income Tax Return, will now be marked as expected. 
  • Fiduciary Package: 
    • Direct entry fields for QBI (Qualified Business Income) deductions have been added to MD screen NR.

Maine Update 30

  • S Corporation and Partnership Packages:
    • If the pass-through withholding on line 1 of Form 941P-ME, Pass-Through Entity Return, is greater than $0.00, Schedule 2P is required, and the amount on line 1 must equal the Schedule 2P total (business rule ME941P-006).

Oregon Update 31

  • Individual Package:
    • Form OR-TM, Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District Self-Employment Tax, now displays the amount paid with extension on line 7, "Prepayments," when marked as "Ready to file" on screen STX2.
  • Estate Package:
    • The deceased spouse's name will now be printed in the "Name of deceased spouse," "Initial," and "Last name," lines on Form OR-706, Oregon Estate Transfer Tax Return, page 2, Part 4, "General information," as expected.

Tennessee Update 14

  • Individual Package:
    • An update prevents the following TN-TN17301 parse error elements:
      • 'Partnership'
      • 'BusinessRepresentative'
  • Individual Package:
    • An update allows selection of State "Requested payment date," on federal screen PMT, after 07-15-2020.

Wisconsin Update 25

  • Individual Package:
    • A parse error on the element 'CountryCd' on Form 1CNP, Composite Wisconsin Individual Income Tax Return for Nonresident Partners, where an invalid country was entered on federal screen K1, has been resolved.
  • Corporation Package:
    • A parse error on the element 'WisconsinApportionment' on Form 4, Wisconsin Non-Combined Corporation Franchise or or Income Tax Return, when an invalid type is entered, has been resolved.
  • S Corporation Package:
    • Parse errors on the elements 'RevenueAccountNumber' and 'RevenueParcelNumber' on Form 5S, Wisconsin Tax Option (S) Corporation Franchise or Income Tax Return, when an invalid number was entered, has been resolved.
    • An EF Message has been added to prevent reject F5S-120 when an election to be taxed at the entity level was made on a composite return.
  • Fiduciary Package:
    • A parse error on the element 'IRS1099R,' where an invalid identifying number was entered, has been resolved.  

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