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16867: PA - BIRT or NPT Estimated Taxes Paid


Why don’t I see my prior year estimated payment being reported on my client’s BIRT or NPT?


To report prior years payments for the BPT (Business Profits Tax) or NPT (Net Profits Tax), use the following steps:

  • Open the Federal ES screen and enter the estimated payments on the left side in the state section.
  • Enter the following:
    • ST/City - Select PL (Philadelphia)
    • Type - Choose either NP (Net Profits Tax) or BP (Business Profits Tax)
    • LLC# - Must match the LLC# entered for the Net or Business Profits Tax Return.
      • Note – this field must have an entry even if only one return is being filed. In such a case, enter 1 for the LLC#.
    • Enter the prior year’s amount paid
    • Page Down and repeat this process to report estimated payments made for any additional Business or Net Profits returns filed.


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