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16943: TheTaxBook - Data Entry Integration (Drake20)

TheTaxBook WebLibrary

Can I access TheTaxBook WebLibrary from within Drake Tax? 


Yes, starting with Drake20, links to TheTaxBook are available on data entry screens, where applicable. Click the open book icon to read more about the line or topic: 


TheTaxBook can also be accessed from the home screen of Drake Tax by clicking on the Web Library icon. 


  • Links to TheTaxBook's WebLibrary are available in all packages. 
  • An internet connection and subscription to TheTaxBook WebLibrary Plus are required. 
  • The icons are available by default. To change this, go to Setup > Options > Data Entry and click Disable TaxBook Research Links.

For more information about TheTaxBook, go to the Drake Support website and choose Products > TheTaxBook or see Related Links below.

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