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16966: Canon – Drake’s Preferred Scanner Technology Provider

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Does Drake recommend any scanners?


Yes, Canon is Drake Software’s preferred scanner technology provider. 

Recommended Scanners are as follows:

  • P-215II Mobile Document Scanner
    • Small size, lightweight
    • Powered by USB
    • Scans up to 15 pages per minute
  • DR-C225 II Office Document Scanner
    • Perfect for areas where space is limited
    • Can reliably handle a variety of media types
    • Scans up to 25 pages per minute
  • DR-C230 Office Document Scanner
    • Scans passports and embossed cards
    • Double feed detection with one touch release button
    • Scans up to 30 pages per minute
  • DR-M260 Office Document Scanner
    • Five year warranty included
    • Scans long documents up to 220”
    • Scans up to 60 pages per minute
  • DR-S150 Office Document Scanner
    • Touch screen operation
    • Built-in Wi-Fi, wired internet, and USB
    • Scans up to 45 pages per minute

For more information, see the attached flyer. 


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