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16988: Schedule A - Force Itemized or Standard Deduction

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How do I make the software to use the Standard or Itemized Deduction?


To force a return to use the itemized deduction, go to federal screen A - Itemized Deduction Schedule in Data Entry and mark the Force itemized checkbox at the top. To make it use the standard deduction, mark Force standard.

Drake Tax automatically calculates whether itemized deductions or the standard deduction are more advantageous to the taxpayer.

If a multi-state return, be sure to choose the state abbreviation on the ST drop list. For states that allow you to force a different deduction type or override the amount(s), see state-specific data entry locations as follows: 

State Screen Code
Alabama A
Arizona A
Arkansas A
California ITEM
Delaware 1
Georgia 1
Hawaii ITEM
Idaho 3
Iowa A
Kansas SCHA
Kentucky A
Maine ITEM
Maryland 1 or 2
Minnesota MNA
Mississippi A
Missouri 1
Montana SCH3
New York 2
North Carolina 1
Oklahoma 511
Oregon A
Rhode Island 40
Utah 1
Vermont 1
Virginia 1 or ITEM
Wisconsin 2 or I

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