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17018: Quick Payments (DAS21)


Drake Accounting®: How can I print a check for a vendor or employee, without entering an invoice or payroll record?  


The Quick Payments screen allows you to enter payments and print checks for vendors and employees, without first creating an invoice or payroll record.  You can also print blank checks (if enabled by the Owner user).

To create a payment using the Quick Payments screen:

  1. Go to Payables > Payments > Quick Payments.
  2. Select the applicable Payment Method. See Related Links below for more information.
  3. Select the applicable Printer.
  4. Complete the Invoice Info (optional).
  5. Select the applicable Payment Type.
    • Check is marked by default and is a live payment.
    • To make an ATF payment (cash, check, credit card, electronic, or other), select the ATF box on the far right under Print Preview.
  6. Enter or edit the applicable information in the following required fields:
    • Pay to - Vendor or employee the payment is being issued to.  Select the Show Employees checkbox to include employees in the drop menu. 
    • Check No. - The check number the payment will be printed on. If a Payment Type other than Check is selected, this field is not required and a red validator () will not be produced. 
    • Date - The date the check was/will be printed.
    • Payment Code - A unique alphanumeric code for each payment entered.  
    • Gross $ - The dollar amount to print on the check.
      • If using the Payables Generate Accounting Transactions option for this client, the Cash and Expense Accounts on the Accounting Transactions section automatically fill. 
  7. Select the signature(s) to use if using electronic signatures.
  8. Select Save or Print.

The Check Register section displays checks that have been printed for vendors.  You can sort this information by clicking on the column headers. 


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