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17060: PA - Schedule W-2S Eliminated (Drake20)


How do I generate Schedule W-2S for the Pennsylvania return in Drake20?


Per the PA-40 2020 Instructions: "PA-40 Schedule W-2S has been eliminated. All references to the schedule have been removed from the instructions." Copies of Forms W-2, 1099-R, 1099-MISC, 1099-NEC and any other documents reporting compensation must be included with the tax return. 

In prior years, preparers often used PA W-2S to reconcile PA40, line 1 (Gross Compensation) and PA40, line 13 (Total PA Tax Withheld). Since Schedule W-2S has been removed by the state, it will no longer be generated in view mode, however, Drake has enabled the printing of a form called PARECON1 that will allow you to review the amounts reported on the PA return. This form is only for record keeping purposes and is not included with the e-filed return. 

To enable printing of the PARECON1, select the option globally or in a single return:

  • Globally: Setup > Options > States > PA > check Pull PARECON1 Section 1 (PA Wages) to PALOCAL line 1 (Gross Wages) (Individual Package Only)
  • Single return: Check the box PA 40 line 1 (Gross Compensation) on the PA > PRNT screen under the Print column.

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