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17087: 1040 - Correcting EIP Amount (Drake20)

1040 Individual

How do I correct the EIP amount on return that was already transmitted to the Drake queue?

Time period: Before Drake begins sending live transmissions to IRS*


  • Taxpayer tells you that they have not receive their second EIP.
  • You initially put zero ‘0’ for the second EIP on the RRC screen and transmitted the return to Drake in January or early February (before e-file begins).
  • Then, the taxpayer tells you they have now received, or will be receiving, the second stimulus payment.

Suggested Action

Do the following to update the return so Drake can attempt to send that new, updated return prior to the initial return already in queue*:

  • Open the return and change the entry on the RRC screen from zero ‘0’ to the correct amount the taxpayer received or will be receiving.
  • Recalculate the return and confirm that the RRC has been recalculated.
  • Confirm that everything else — such as a state return, bank product or attachment — is still included with the return as it was on the initial transmission.
  • Return to the EF screen in data entry and check the box towards the bottom labeled Retransmit this return even though its current status is 'Pending.'
  • Recalculate the return; it should now show up to be filed again.
  • Retransmit the return.

*If we receive the new, updated return prior to sending the initial return to the IRS, we will attempt to send the new return first. The IRS goes live on February 12, 2021; however, Drake may be asked to send live returns to the IRS prior to February 12.


  • Drake is preparing its systems to handle as many scenarios as possible, but cannot guarantee that the most recent return will be sent first in every scenario. 
  • You may notice “duplicate” rejects in your ack reports; confirm which return was accepted by going to EF > Search EF database.

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